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MCPC+ ???


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If, at the end of this, you still can't get things working correctly I'll put up some links. However, you are so close and I think a bit more exposition might help support my philosophy of "teach a man to fish". :)


Forge uses a version numbering scheme similar to other major products: MAJOR-MINOR-PATCH/UPDATE. Major version numbers refer to changes which are incompatible with existing APIs and code. Minor version numbers refer to significant package changes but still maintaining overall API/code compatibility. Patch/Update changes refer to simple updates that work with existing API/code and which do not make significant changes... think "patches/fixes". In the case of Forge there is a final number referring to the automatically generated build number which increases every time a build is made.


Since the client and server for Forge/MC must use the exact same (or sometimes close) build number MCPC+ just references that. In your case the number is #738, however, the full version is However, since Dynmap should work with any build of Forge as long as the version number is the same it only lists the primary part of the version number which is 7.8.1. While Hexxit is built with Forge it will connect just fine to the MCPC+ 738 server (I tested this).

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