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Transfer singleplayer world to multiplayer server (Hamachi)


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I've played with my friends on my singleplayer world via LAN hosting. Now though, they've moved away, but we still want to continue on the world we've been playing on.

I downloaded the Hexxit server files, and copied my save files from my singleplayer world into a "world" folder in my Server folder. When I spawned into my world, I have the right world/seed, but all the mod blocks and items were gone. They all show up on NEI, but when I try to make them they just disappear or won't let me pick them up. If I try to pull items from NEI, it says that there are no items with that ID. This accounts for all blocks or items that are not vanilla. I've hosted Vanilla Servers and Forge Servers without problem and I'm really lost as to why this is not working.


Thanks in advance for any ideas or solutions.

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