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How to add bukkit plugins to my server ?

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Hello guys.


Can someone tell me exactly what to do to add plugins to my server.

My server is actually in version 1.0.10B


I tryed to install a cauldron jar file and put all my mods in mods folder and plugins in plugins forlder. and server crash :(


Please help.

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@Bob MC bob: No, it probably doesn't. The Tracker is for Technic related issues. Cauldron is developed by a totally different group of folks.


@trimardland: The latest versions of Cauldron no longer automatically retrieve their library files. There is an installer provided with each version of Cauldron which will do that for you.

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Thanks a lot. I founded the installer.

Its here, for people who wants to make a forge mods / bukkit server  and choose cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.9-installer.jar

install server, add your launch.bat (modify the jar name in the .bat) Run it, and put all the mods in mod folder, and plugins in plugins folder.

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