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[Latest] ☠ RetributionGaming B-TEAM ☠ PVP ✥ NO WHITELIST ✥ MORPH ✥ COMMUNITY ☠

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IP : play.retributiongaming.net:25655


Website : www.RetributionGaming.net

Modpack : B-TEAM - Latest

Teamspeak (often full) : ts3.retributiongaming.net



We are an experienced community who have been running official and custom modpacks for over a year. We know what players want and we always aim to deliver it in the best way possible. On our servers, expect to be recognized as an individual and not as a number.


Our main rules for this server are as follows:

- Be courteous of other users

- No advertising or 'I'm from planet minecraft' bullcrap

- Do not try and abuse bugs or exploits ( this includes crashing duping etc )

- Show some respect for staff, they are all helpful

- Try to vote as often as possible ( it helps us grow and nets you some goodies )

- Swearing is allowed but don't go overboard with the insults.



Our main plugins for this server are as follows:

- Factions

- Global Market

- TeleportSuite

- Backtodeathpoint

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