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  1. Im just gana say im not applying for staff I just want to join. Age: 11 Ign: TheGrimCreeper24 If you need to know any more imfo just tell me
  2. Ingame name: TheGrimCreeper24 How long you have played mc/b-team:1 year for B-team, 5 years for minecraft How often you play mc/b-team: most the day on weekends, and after school every day Country: U.S.A Age: 11 hope this isn't to young Other info:I will have my computer 2 weeks from when you get this, also im kinda going for witch on the server :)
  3. IGN: TheGrimCreeper24 Name: Aidan experience with mod: a very good amount Why I Want To Join: i play B-team ALLOT so i figgure ill try tekkit and this lookes like a good server to start on
  4. IGN: TheGrimCreeper24 Skype none but if necessary I can get it Youtube: just look up my IGN Age: 11 you know I am pretty mature ask me any thing if you have to
  5. My name is TheGrimCreeper24 Age:19 and a half Yes I hve lots of experience with attack of the B-team I have been playing for at least 2 months Yes I do know cheating and stealing will get me banned Nope no Skype sorry Yes East coast is my time zone Astarte <3 Thanksmfor your time
  6. I cant get the part builder to work for tinkers construct can any one help????
  7. the address should be (Attack Of The Double M-Team) because your (Mexican Mondays)
  8. Position: admin or co-owner How long iv been playing minecraft /attack of the B-team: minecraft since alfa and B-team for a couple of months Age: 19 and a half Have I been staff before: yes When will I be online: 1-2 hours a day What other skills do I have: Im pretty good at building Why do I deserve the position: 1. I love being staff so I can actually keep the server fun. 2. I will help anyone who needs it with a problem or anything else. 3. I will show no grace to those who do not deserve it. 4. I will try my hardest to make the server fun Anything else: My name is Aidan, and I love
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