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YetiMc Pixelspark Server! Looking for staff! Looking for Gym Leaders!

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I am more than happy to apply for staff, here are my details:

IGN: mrmistereguy

Age: 15 almost 16

personality: friendly


I am mature and I like to help people. I will not let anyone ruin the fun of others by breaking rules but I won't be a moody member of staff that never wants to have fun. I like to help people the best I can. I am not great at building but I love to have competitions and keep everything in order.

thank you for your time.


p.s: there are multiple pixelmon packs so can you kindly give me the link to the modpack that the server is on. Thank you


If you wish to contact me then do so through Skype. name is: mrmysteryguy1 or Benjamin Richards

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Hi i would love to join your server as a gym leader i will be on allmost every day for the whole day i'm the age of 13 and a 1/2 i'm able to help ppl if they need it i know how to play pixlemon and not just catching pokemon but actaly knowing how to play i know most of the crafting recipeys for every thing you can contact me through my email [email protected] i hope to be playing with you soon i have the modpack for pixlespark btw chow i hope to get this position  :kiddo:


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Hello am Madwalker12  and I would love and want to help people out in your awesome Pixelmon server I know how to respond to few problems and it bothers me that I am not in a  position to help others that only staff have the ability to help, I am a great builder willing to help with locations that need to be built. I am 11 years of age and I play everyday and I  would love to learn more. you can contact me at [email protected] 

best regards


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