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Applied Energistics


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Recently on a server I play on, Project Red's pipes have been crashing the server. For a modpack this big there should be Applied Energistics to better store/sort all the different items. It would be very helpful for players who like to hoard tons or materials like myself.

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I agree. This would be a great mod to have put in Attack of the B-Team. Automated factories, mass storage, automated crafting, its all so wonderful. This is easily one of my favorite mods ever made. However of course certain issues would occur such as coding some items to be able to go into the ME System. Who knows, this is a science based modpack, and this is certainly science (comeon, fitting doublechests filled with cobble into 1 little storage space, that's amazing/sciency) maybe this will be added into the modpack. I look forward to seeing what happens.



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Don't sign your posts.

Your name is already clearly visible above your post.


As for adding this, go talk to the B-Team. They're the ones who ultimately decide what goes in the pack.

Alternatively, add the mod yourself. It's not that hard.

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