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[1.6.4]Minecraft Modern War[65 Slots][PVP][Factions][Guns][Helicopters][Open]

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Minecraft: Modern War



Server IP:

Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/mcmw.384223 



    What is MCMW?


     Ever wanted a server where you can craft AH-64 Apaches, M16s, Nuclear Missiles, Robots, and more and use them with or against your friends? Well, now you can! We have 65 slots running on a 3GB server. We are hosted by Simple-Node hosting, and the server machine is running Intel Xeon processors. We are using Factions, WorldBorder, and Essentials for our current plugins. Server is running 24/7.


What mods are you running?

     Our mods are mods focused on factorization, warfare, science, and building. Some (But not all) of our mods are;


Atomic Science: Create fission and fusion reactors for all that delicious power.

Applied Energistics: Something to do with all that power? Store all the ores you mine in a compact, clean   and effecient form of storage.

Archimedes Ships: Create your own aircraft carrier or nuclear submarine!

Alternate Terrain Generation: Adds more realistic biomes and terrain mapping. 

Bibliocraft: Adds furniture and items to showcase your prized possessions!

Computercraft: Adds wireless robots to do your evil bidding, programmable computers + more.

Extra Utilities: Adds many useful blocks and items to game, such as colored stone bricks.

Flans Mod: Adds 3D guns to game. Watch your back!

ICBM: Wipe your enemy off the map without even visiting their base. Inter-continental ballistic missiles, baby!

Mekanism: A tech mod, the main competition for IC2. Adds TONS of features, with AMAZING models.

MineFactory Reloaded: Adds automatic fishers, laser drills, safari nets, auto-farms and many nice additions that go well with other mods.

Modular Powersuits: Adds customizable robotic suits to the game. Become invincible!

OpenBlocks: Adds more useufl blocks and tools, such as elevators and autobalancing fluid tanks.

Project Red: Adds much better redstone functionality, and worldgen such as basalt and marble. (RP2)

Security Craft: Protect your base from those pesky Creepers... And players...

Secret Rooms: Before the players get to your traps, hide your base in the first place!

Zans Minimap: Adds a detailed minimap with waypoints, deathpoints, and cave mapping.



Pictures: (Feel free to send some to me!!!)

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          I adore this server! The admin is super nice, but you can also tell he plays fair! HE will always help you with mods, etc if he can. The mods in this modpack are PERFECT and its not too heavy so it can still run well on my computer! Hopefully more people can join for a better war experience. . . 

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Next 10 players to join get a bonus starter kit containing:

32 Iron Ingots, Copper Ingots, Tin Ingots, and Osmium Ingots

6 Diamonds

20 Carrots

3 Stacks of stone brick

Full steel armor, a steel paxel, and a steel hoe

32 Oak Logs

32 Redstone

16 Glass

1 Slimalyzer

1 Item of your choice (At admins discretion, within reason)

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  • 7 months later...

Server's fairly good, has a fairly decent community. However, me and my mate got scammed and killed someone in revenge, and basically the owner was in league with that faction, and the next thing I know the bastard's accusing me of cheating, which I have never done throughout the entire time I've owned Minecraft, and I'm banned because of it. I asked for evidence previously, and he said that I had more mods on than everybody else, even though I was using the same tekkit link as everybody else. 


All in all, don't go on the server if you don't want to get fucked over my a cunt of an owner. Great server though.

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