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Ore Problem


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nearly two weeks ago a friend of mine and I started to play on a hamachi tekkitmain server. But the amount of modpacks was to low so we decided to add a few for example the mod "mekanism". So after clearing the ID problems the mod clearly worked, but I am shure that the ores such as osmium don´t spawn on the map.

I created a new world in singleplayer and after 2 min I found ores that are related to mekanism, but in multiplayer we didn´t find any of these... 

Is it possible that the ore doesn´t spawn when the world exists and the mod got added and is there a solution to make it work? 

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The ores will not be found in any parts of the world that have been already explored, if you added the mod to an already played in world.  Only fixes are to go mining in areas that have never been visited before, or use mystcraft to create an age to mine in.  Since the Mystcraft age will have fresh generation of ores, the new ores will also be genereted normally.


there is also the option to use the "retro gen" config option in mekanism and/or thermal expansion.  Thermal expansion one would probably work better.  It would require the server being restarted after the config file is changed.  Drawback to this is the possibility of anything you have underground being replaced by the regenerated ores.  And it can be laggy.  you'd also have to change the config file to turn it off again once the world has been restarted and visited at least once.

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Thanks for the answer! 

But because of the fact that english is not my main language I am not shure if I know what to do... When I restart the server as you say it is the world than missing? And if you create things in the underground do the disappear? 

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If you enable retrogen and you restart the server the ores are generating underground.

If you have a base underground some blocks may be converted to ores.

Don't keep any chests with diamonds underground :)

You will have some lag.

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Thank you! :)

But there is one question left that I need to ask. What is retrogen? Searched for it, but petrogen is the only topic in combination with minecraft that I found. 
I am a noob in hosting servers and fixing problems, so sorry if the question is dumb..

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