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New Hexxit Server (Looking for Potential Admins)

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Welcome to the Lemons Army Minecraft Server. Although our server is still not in the perfect shape we wish it to be (I doubt we will ever be satisfied), we hope to see people join in,

create their homes, find adventures and join together to fight the most wicked of enemies.

Our server is located in Sydney NSW Australia and is hosted by gameservers. At the moment it has 20 slots available. We have staff on during most hours including overnight.

The rules are general and not too harsh and not too slack.

We have heaps of features to protect you and allow you to have fun, adventure and make friends.



Hexxit Adventure Server

Hotel Rooms for Rent To Adventurers

Item Banks




Item Shops

Cities and Towns for people to visit on their travels (more being built)

Fresh server with loads to loot

Warps (coming soon)

Grief Prevention (golden Shovel - 100 blocks a day)


We are constantly looking for Moderators at the moment which players can apply on our forums http://madlemons.enjin.com/home

Hope to see you on our server.


-Optimushaxx aka ArrowTheUnicorn-

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sorry man, wasn't didn't realize that my post was classified as advertiseing to you.

I was simply tireing to give you some more info to help you get more players for your server.

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Well I did say it was a new server. We are getting plugins over this weekend. This is practically for people who want to put their foot in on joining our officers. We just started making an Enjin forum, should be up really soon.


Website: http://madlemons.enjin.com/

Hexxit Server:


Teamspeak 3 Server: austs1.gameservers.com:9641


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I've been on the lookout for small community-based Hexxit servers. I'm hoping to make a new friend that will join me for Hexxit adventures. I have experience as an admin for a vanilla Minecraft server that, unfortunately, is no longer active. I'm interested in the offer, but I'm not sure I should take it - as much as I enjoyed being a mod, I also want to enjoy Hexxit without duty getting in the way too often. So I have a question for you: how busy do you think mods will be?

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OP hasn't been logged here since 8th of july last year. Let's see if he's still alive...

OP, edit your server title according to the Server Guidelines.

I'll give it 5 days before locking this thread if he doesn't respond

Edit. no response. Locking thread

Edited by Munaus

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