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Matter duplication


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Not sure how to replicate marble, but it is often easy to find a spot with a lot of it. There are various methods to get or fabricate certain things once you have the resources to do so. For example once you have a laser drill set up and properly powered you can get unlimited access to certain ores that may be dangerous to obtain otherwise (like nether quartz, glowstone, etc.) without depleting those from the world.


If you have access to Mystcraft it is possible to make an age with unlimited quantities of many things. I made one age just to get pools of ink and gave a linking book to someone else who got more glowstone than they every needed from a couple of glowstone tendrils in that age. Other people made ages with cryo gel or resonant ender oceans.


If you have a bucket of lava and can get a bucket of cryo gel it is possible to make infinite obsidian and cobble. It helps to have 2 block breakers (which require power) or 2 terrain smashers (which require mechanical timer/state cell, rednet, or CC timing) and a pair of DSU's. If you have access to a minium stone the obsidian can be crafted into iron, gold, diamond, best done with cyclic assemblers (obsidian, iron ingots, iron blocks, gold blocks, diamond blocks) and you can make more diamonds to make more minium stones than minium stones consumed.


I found a lot of copper early on, so I made my high rise tech base from copper and iron blocks and glass panes. With carpenter blocks you can make shapes that materials (like basalt or marble bricks) are not normally available in.


So EE2 may be gone, but there are still ways to acquire vast amounts of valuable items without leaving scars on the land.

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