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ComputerCraft 1.6 and rednet cable


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Can someone pls explain what will happen when Tekkit applies CC 1.6.

For the moment I use alot of Computers and rednet cable and as it seems that will not work when Tekkit starts using CC 1.6 or have I missunderstood it?



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CC 1.6 changed the API such that any "bundled" cable (MFR Rednet, PR Bundled, etc.) must be implemented by the individual mods. That means that, for 1.6.4 at least, few mods will support direct integration with CC. MFR & PR both have frozen 1.6.4 development so those two are definitely out.

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so when Tekkit adds CC 1.6 I can't update it to that version since I have used alot of builds with computer controlling machines with rednet cables?
Or are there other bundled cables I can use instead?
I use colors(API) and Redstone(API) with rednet cables.

What I love with rednet cables is that there are 16 different redstone channels in the same cable so it is perfect for kontrolling machines and gates with rednet power.

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