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Need help with server!


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so i did set up a tekkit galaticraft server and it's running as it should. 
But now the problem is i can't get plugins to run on the server. i tired everything. i did read alot on this forum and tired what other ppl said..
Is there anyone that could help me ? and yes i tried to use MCPC+ thing. and i can't get that thing to work at ALL!
if theres stuff i need to download, download links would be awesome  :)



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MCPC has changed to Cauldron so try looking that up if you haven't already for a stable 1.6.4 build. Once you have that you rename the .jar file to whatever name you have your launch.bat (or launch.sh) pointed to (Tekkit.jar by default). I rename the original Tekkit.jar to Tekkit.old.jar for backup purposes. I hope this helps. I had a hell of a time getting stuff to work on mine for some reason.

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