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Looking for people to join a new server (whitelisted)

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Hi everyone,


Until recently I have been playing on an AotBT server run by a friend but he decided to cancel the server. So I have chosen to go it alone and have set up my own 24/7 server. Public servers have never really interested me and I would prefer to play with a small number of like-minded people with no big rules or no-build zones, etc...


I'm looking for a small group of people to join me. There are no real 'age limits' or restrictions and previous experience is not needed but it would be nice to know some details before accepting people onto the server. I'm 34 and male and from the UK. The server is also based in the EU but anyone is welcome from any part of the world.


So if you are interested, just reply with your Minecraft name, age, gender, country/nationality and maybe your favorite mod or specialism.





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Hey I am having trouble finding a stable server as well so I would love to join this one and hope it be like the actual B-Team Server with Bdubs and them.

My minecraft name is dementordude I am 15 years old in the U.S and I love Tinkers Construct and just about every mod in this pack and I have pretty good experience with this pack as well. Hope you pick me! Thanks for your time. And if this concerns you I am pretty mature, and if you don't think so feel free to kick me. Anyway Thanks!

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Minecraft Name- Superheroman987 (made this when I was fairly young)

Age- 14

Gender- Boy

Nationality- US


Reasons for wanting to join- I would like yo join this private server because I want to play with my friend, menchieman. I can't make a server myself because I can't port forward and my hamachi is broken. I would also love to play with a small community and would try and contribute as much as I can. I hope you take my application in for consideration. Have a nice day!



PS. If this is a hamachi server I can't join and my friend menchieman would be interested in joining also.

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Hey WertleKev my name is Austin, I'm 16 years old and love to play on this mod pack. I have been playing on this mod pack for quite a while now and I would love to join a small community and hopefully play with active players. My username is Mxss and my Skype username is Mxssproductions. I recently played on a small server with my friends as well, how ever my friend got hired at a job and has not been playing much so he closed the server down. I was disappointed that the server closed, I would love to join this server and have the opportunity to play with you guys. Thanks, Mxss

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IGN: LRS1219

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Nationality: US

Favored Mod: Thermal Expansion and Tinkers Construct

Why I'd like to join: I would like to join because I much rather like to play with a small group of people than a huge amount of people and this sounds like a lot of fun!

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minecraft name :Poleftaiger

Age :15 turning 16 in twelve days

gender: male


favorite mod:Carpenters blocks


i really want to join a server like this simple with small good community.So please add me thx

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IGN: Daredevil214

Name: Dawson

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Country/Nationality: United States

Fav Mod: I really enjoy Tinkers Construct :D


I would really love to join this server! I've been looking for a good small server with nice players that I can just play the modpack with. I'm just looking forward to playing with other players!

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My name is marijn, from the netherlands, 21 years old.

I have played a lot on an a-o-t-b-team server, but the server is down cause of inactivity ( I was the only one active with the server guy).

My minecraft name is: FitchtheFish.

I would like to join your server. I'm builder kind of minecrafter :)


Hope I can join,



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Right, looks like we're getting near my limit for players now. I will be getting in touch with those people (above) who have expressed an interest soon. Apart from everyone above, I just cant accept any more for now but will keep further posters in mind if places become available.



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I'm hoping the list isn't full yet



Gender: Male

Minecraft Username: Redwolf54

Country: USA

Mod Skills: I'm good with simple builds with mods like chisel and other building/architectural mods

Why I Want to Join: I like to play on small servers with a good community and this server looks like it fits my likings


I hope the info above is enough and i put it in list format for easier over-viewing.

P.S. Sorry if this is replying to someone's post not the main post

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I see you reached max capacity - still thought I'd leave a post in case you ever will accept more people.


I'm Morten aka Sady2k from Denmark. I'm twenty years old. I just gratuated so I have a lot of freetime to play games and what not and this server of yours sounds interesting and a lot of fun. I've been playing the Attack of the B-Team modpack in singleplayer pretty much since it was released and I think it's time to move on to a multiplayer server. Playing with other people is so much more enjoyable than playing alone, so I really hope to find a proper server to play on, and this server sounds like it would fit perfectly for me and I think I'd fit perfectly on the server as well! I genuinely like this server's concept.


Regarding favourite mod, I think it has to be either Thermal Expansion or Tinkers' Construct, though Witchery is really really awesome as well!

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  • 2 weeks later...


The server has been running over a week now and we have built up a good group of people who play regularly and get along. Therefore I have upgraded the server and now have room for a few extra players.


If you are interested in joining our community, please reply to this post with some details about yourself (see first post for more info).


Our server is pretty easy going and has no mods restricted but it is white-listed so I will message people who are interested with the server details.




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Hi there:


  • My Minecraft character name is: brains90
  • My age is: 23
  • The way you can contact me is: PM me on here, can organise other ways in game
  • Some things I like to do in Minecraft are: Usually like to play modded minecraft. Have played mainly Monster, horizon and modded skyblocks but am looking to get involved in other versions aswell. Enjoy setting up a base and diving into mods and machines, working co-cooperatively to build community buildings and resources. Love doing the vanilla minecraft stuff co-cooperatively such as mining, defeating the ender dragon etc. My fav mod has to be either Buildcraft or galacticraft
  • I have been playing minecraft for: since early release
  • Any other information you would like to tell:  want to join a community of players, as had enough of playing alone

Hope to hear from you soon :)


oh and male from UK 

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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