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Modular Powersuits (MPS) infinite energy bug. Please help!


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Hey guys, well i've been using Tekkit with my friend in multiplayer for a while now and it's beeng reat so far. We've got our nuke lab all set up and have some nice power generation. To celebrate we each made a set of power armor...however we noticed as soon as we started putting modules in them...we had infinite power :/


Basically, we'd use power, and the power levels would go down...however after right clicking something or standing still/waiting, they;d jump up to max again. We tried the suits with batteries in them and also taking the batteries out/draining them, and placing a energy cell in our inventories. Same deal. It drains the power to begin with, the right clicking the cell/waiting a bit, fills our energy to full. We have nothing else in our inventories and no power generation modules. What is happening? This kinda means we wasted our time getting our nuke power since we were kinda hoping these suits would need a lot of power >_>

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If you have the adv solar panel upgrade, that does generate power pretty quickly.  Also, if you have an energy cell in your inventory, The power from the cell will get added to your suits power supply, and it will get filled by your suits power recharging systems once the suit is full(solar panels, kenetic gen, thermal gen).  So, in a way, yeah, you can have unlimited power on your suit.

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