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Relatively small, new Hexxit server. Almost no banned items.


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Hey guys, just wanting to advertise a relatively new hexxit server.  I think there is a lot that sets us apart.. 


Our staff is very active

  • Unlike many servers, our staff is almost always on.

We don't have a lot of stupid rules

  • Raiding, pvp, faction wars, we allow it all, not to mention we let you use the tools at your disposal to get into bases, such as hookshots and electric staffs.  Instead of limiting you, we allow it.  You'll just have to be smart when making your base..
  • If anything goes badly, our staff is almost always on to monitor it.  So instead of making a whole assortment of custom plugins to limit you down to sticks and stones, we rely on our staff to monitor what goes on.


Now you may ask " Won't that break our experience, won't we get raided all the time?"  My response to that is this: it's a pvp server, it's a raiding server.  I'm not just going to say deal with it, I say be smart, fight back a bit.  Don't long for a peaceful time.. Raid others, strike back.. And there is no world limit, so feel free to build a base as far out as you want..  


Not to mention our staff is fair and reliable.. Have fun! :D






You do need the "25566" at the end.


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