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Spawning room


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Don't know what to say, mate.

You can't really get easier than that without insulting the viewer, because then you'd have to go step by step.


JSIT's given you instructions and a picture guide for every step.

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Jsit's spawn room is one of the easiest to build. It literally requires only the most basic of about everything the mod pack has to offer. It is about the most comprehensive tutorial you can find...

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You could simplify it with each thing you didn't need - if you didn't need remote access to the spawner (you were ok with walking up to it) then you can do away with most of the itemducts and the two spawners (as you can get close enough to switch it between exact copy: on/off).  That's more than half of it gone right there.


To perform all those functions though it's pretty straightforward.  There's not a lot of room for improvement in the simplicity department for what it is.  Which bit are you struggling with?

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