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What is the simplest way to convert LXP Liquid XP to Mob Essence?


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I did some research (i find that topic interesting) and as it seems there is no other solution like the way you pointed out. Somebody built a machine the other way round, but that wouldn't help.


What I wonder (only very rough first thoughts):


Liquid XP can be bottled. If this bottler wouldl put the stuff in say .... a dispenser which shoots the stuff onto a stonewall with a sewer under it could that work? Or could you use a vacuum hopper which puts the Openblock XP into a tank which then showers onto a sewer?


Another thing I thought of would be to bottle or bucket the xp and then give it to an autonomous activator. If you could add liquiducts to it and put the stuff in a tank from where you could then shower it onto a sewer could also do the trick.


Those are the possible ways I could think of.

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I wasn't sure the unifier was the way to go. I have been meaning to make one but have been caught up in maintaining my other projects and tidying up that I haven't had any need to do anything but place down blocks and design.


@BrowserXL I read somewhere a similar method but I am not sure what I did with the post. They had a system to automate bottles and then auto enchanted them into Bottles'O XP. Then from there they used autonomous activators to drink the bottles and that's how they converted it,


Does anyone have any videos for LXP tutorials?

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Could always request IDED to make one since he does a lot of videos, tho hes been focusing on singular mod based videos and not inter-mod videos or tech based ones with AotB (which is more of what I do, but im busy atm getting a party ready for my sister this saturday, so if i can find some time to do some tutorial based videos, ill be sure to do one for this)

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