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Witchery Mod Ents


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Here's the deal about how Ent spawning works:


They're related to the witchery trees, each time you cut down a witchery tree in an area the chance of an ent spawning increases.  It does cap out at a maximum, but do it enough and you'll be getting an ent spawning from most trees you cut down.  Over time the chance decreases, so all you need to do to avoid it is to back off whenever it starts to get likely to spawn an ent (you'll hear a little ding if there's a chance of an ent spawning and you cut down a tree - stop then and do something else for a bit if you don't want them to spawn).

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Loader, I don't believe it is ANY witchery tree, I believe (and I could be wrong here) that is has to be a Hawthorne tree. At least those are the only ones that have spawned them for me. I have alder and rowan in my tree farm and have never seen an Ent spawn in. Thou I have seen them when I have been manually harvesting trees. 

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I was thinking of the Mandrake.


your right there, I know the mod page for it indicates that it only spawns either durring the day or at night. 


Guess I was wrong about the tree or just only saw it as I only "chop" down the hawthornes and use the harvester on the others. 

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