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Hello, I don't know if I post this in the right spot, but it looks like it will work. I have a server and we are a Hub Server, we need a custom ModPack, we have all the plugins, just a little more then Tekkit Classic I think. Now we need someone to put the mods together and build it! Please add me on Skype (jellycow32) if you think you can help us out!



Thank you!

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  • We don't give Skype support
  • This is not the right spot
  • There is no right spot for what you want

If you want to make your own modpack, you are on your own. Nobody is going to put the mods together for you. Read the tutorials, ask (in the right forum section) for advice if you have specific questions. If all this is too much for you, go play one of the working modpacks that other people created. Another hint: Tekkit Classic is ancient, and you would do well to let it rot in peace and not base anything new off it.

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Here is a modpack i just releaesed it is called crankcraft it has a ton of mods just under 120 mods it is so fun youll get addicted in less than 15 minutes if you enjoy mekanism witchery thaumcraft tinkerers construct simply jetpacks biomes o plenty hardcore ender expansion and a lot more so go ahead and try it out at all you have to do is launch the technic launcher click add new pack paste this link http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/crank and click add modpack then go to my logo and click play and boom your done!

i will make your modpack for you my skype is KuisserTV

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