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Turbines and World Anchor


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Well that depends. Exactly how large is your turbine farm going to be? One Chunk Loader from ChickenChunks (i think thats the mod name, could be wrong. Just search for Chunk Loader in NEI) once configured can keep up to 361 chunks loaded at once. I hope your turbine farm wont be THAT big..... if it is....... dang thats a lot of resources......... 


Edit: The mod name is ChickenChunks. The Chunk Loader recipe i am talking about consists of gold, enderpearls, and an enchantment table.

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Thanks, I'll have a look. And, no it's not that big. I made one tall and skinny max height turbine, and I'm going to feed an MFFS all the parts it needs to build more for me, considering a mystcraft world that's nice and flat. Or maybe just hang them in the sky. Or on a space station. Too many choices.

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A Dimensional Anchor is probably the cheapest solution. It can be configured to include quite a lot of chunks, and one will suffice for just about any installation. Set the owner to "server" if you want it to keep loading chunks when you're offline. This of course only works if you're an admin, or operator with sufficient rights.

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