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Fixing Simple Mod Incompatibilities


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Hey guys!


I am not a modder, although I have some experience with java. 


I am looking to add more functionality to modpacks by making the mods in them work together.


For example, I have Thaumcraft 3 and a whole score of other mods. As some of you might know, the mod adds different magical aspects to vanilla minecraft items/blocks, and to some of the items/blocks from other mods (probably having to do with crafting ingredients). 


First of all, is there a way to edit the Thaumcraft 3 mod to have aspects for items/blocks from other mods?


If so, do I need a full knowledge of coding, or is it just some simple reading between the lines?


Also, what kind of tools would I need?



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"Also rable rable lawnchair lawying rable rable" Surely you could've said what you had to say without this insulting, childish, and undermining sentence afterwards. Excuse me if I'm being to direct, hopefully you understand that I question if saying such was nescessary.

Don't try to discern a persons intention exclusivity via text. That was not directed at you or OP. It was a quip towards the community's tendency for drama
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Alright children, enough.


Vlandox: You started with an attempt to stop any mod drama flareups, then went full stupid by trying to control the conversation and prove your superiority. Telling Fredigar to butt out of his own thread wasn't a good idea either.


disconsented: This section exists for questions like this. Yes the forge forums would be better for learning, and Fredigar can expect grief from the 14 year old IP lawyers telling him what he plans is tantamount to babyeating and kicking the godly-modders puppies, but that's his choice to make where he seeks help from.


Fredigar: The easiest way to add essentia to things would be to decompile/deobfuscate an addon mod for thaumcraft and see how they add it. Then do the same thing in your mod.

As for mod metals versions of weapons with simple crafting recipes (no special machines), that's much easier and just requires knowing how the item is referenced in the code. Anything that requires a special way to craft would again require burrowing into the mod in question.

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That's the kind of answer I was looking for, Thanks Neowulf!


Guess I still have a lot to learn about Java and using it for mods, but thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


I think that the new avenue of progress for minecraft modpacks is in shaping the different mods so that they work together in harmony. I recognize that there is the issue of mod-maker's IP, but it seems like a small enough problem to fix. If they give their consent, it will bring so much more life to modpacks!

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Unfortunately getting modders to give consent isn't a small issue. Minecraft modding has gotten so toxic from the monetization adfly (and now curse) offered that many of the big time mods are jealously guarded and controlled because people think it's their key to the big time.

You will never find another modding community that actually has to debate whether modders should have the right to destroy the computers of people they don't like.


Personally I think it's best to focus on the open source mods. GPL, MIT, ect... licensed mods that let you check the source. They're MUCH easier to work with and have a better chance of going long haul.

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