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Smeltery is Acting Flaky


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Ok, so I created a smeltery like I've done many times before in MoonQuest (build 1.6.4), but it's not doing what it's supposed to do.  It will not smelt tin, aluminum or copper.  However it will smelt gold and iron.  I've tried to play with it and get it to work but it just won't.  Is this a known bug?

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Im with you K on that one, what I dislike is that if I make blocks in a table it makes GC by default and the block will not change in a unifier, have to go back to ingots to make them either TC or TE ones. 


That's what I was thinking about. Oops.


Once I set up a unifier to filter before putting ingots into my PR pipes, I stopped having the problem, and my memory burped. :)

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