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[Ultra Modded Survival] Shutting down internal server...


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Hi everyone !

My Tekkit UMS was running perfectly since 4 monthes and today, i don't know why, it crashed... No update today, all was fine... Now, when I restart the modpack from the Technic Laucher, it loads the game, and when i click on my world, i see the place where i was when it crashed for the first time, then it freezes and "Shutting down internal server" --> back to Windows.

Can you help me to find the problem ?

Here is the crash report :


Thank you, friends.

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Are you actually playing Tekkit, or is this a separate modpack? I see the words Ultra Modded Survival floating around a bit, so I'm thinking this is a different modpack?

Regardless, if this is for Tekkit, post your issue on the tracker.

If it's for a separate modpack... I think this goes in Platform Pagoda.

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