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[1.7.10]Siren Craft Server[PvE][20 slots][Open][Siren Craft pack]

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SirenCraft is a modded Minecraft server focusing on the technical side of the modding community, while still having some magic. In Siren Craft, you can make a factory or you can be a wandering wizard. Anything you could want in a Up-To-Date modpack is here. Come on, hop in, and have fun!

To download the modpack, follow these 4 easy steps!

1. Download the Technic Launcher here!
2. Once you get that all setup, click "Add Modpack!"
3. Now, paste the link from here!
4. Hit play!


This might not be exacly up to date, find the latest version on the modpack listing on technic.

Any and all attempts to bypass the item restriction will result in being banned.
Hacked clients are illegal and will result in an immediate ban!
Don't beg for items.
PvP is allowed, but do not actively hunt people.
Griefing is not allowed.






Use proper grammar and language.
Think before you ask, but ask once you are done thinking.
Use common sense.
Do not spam.
Be respectful to other players.
Do not grief.
Remember to claim your home.
Don't be a jerk!
Have fun!

There will likely be someone in the IRC channel


at esper.net should you which to talk with us before joining.
The channel is also linked to the server, so any chat on the server will go to IRC and vice-versa.

2x Quad Intel® Xeon® CPU E5405 @ 2.00GHZ
6x 176 GB HDD in raid 10

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I'm not hacking on this server, but you said "Hacked clients are illegal and will result in an immediate ban!"


This isn't true at all, hacked clients do the same thing as normal mods do, they add new code to do new stuff. It's just like a mod, for cheating. (such as NEI, or some x-ray mod)


I recommend a change :)


Also I love your server! I got a nice base setup near spawn! Thanks!

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