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Tekkit Development

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Hey there, before i start i'd like to say what a great job i think you guys are doing, 1+ diamond from me :)

I currently administrate a MC vanilla server and i am about to open up a tekkit server for those who have interest in playing it (including myself, opportunities are limitless) however when i looked at the mod i saw a great deal of potential for griefing, so i did some googleing and found some threads.

so far i'm aware of the following items that are likely to cause griefing:

Red Matter & dark matter







Catalytic Lens

Destruction Catalyst

Hyperkinetic Lens

Mercurial Eye

Ring of Ignition

Volcanite Amulet

Nova Catalyst

Nova Cataclysm

Ring of Arcanna

Mining Laser


Sticky Dynamite

Philosopher's Stone

nuclear reactors


and so far i have found these fixes



however, this leads me to my next point. with Tekkit dev builds comming out and tekkit3.0 on its way, will these fixes be appropriate for the next pack? also will they be incorporated or should i, as a server admin, make use of my test server to create my own bug fixes using the dev builds?

also is there a place where i can get a hold of dev builds of the server software? for testing purposes.

We do not want to setup our tekkit server for 1.1(tekkit 2.0) as the tekkit3.0 will mean a map reset (due not only to tekkit changes but also for integrating the new native MC blocks into the game, we run on a pre-genned world with worldborder)

if i'm being a noob here then don't hesitate to tell me, but from what i can tell there's no threads currently dealing with preparations for tekkit 3.0 and its potential anti griefing requirements.

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First off,

You're talking about Tekkit (SMP) but you posted in Technic (SSP). Newbie mistake.


There is no Tekkit 3.0 talk yet because it's not even in a state that can be talked about, really. It's like talking about Halo 7, Windows 9, Guild Wars 3, Playstation 5, etc.

So, be patient and things will pop up.

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Apologies for messing up in tekkit/technic. So is it worth while starting a tekkit v2 server? I mean, are we talking weeks or months till it'll likely be ready? I assumed dev builds meant weeks but if its 3+ months off then I'll reprioritise on setting up a tekkit v2 server first.

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I encourage you to read our Rules section. Asking ETA's is a no-no. Partly because we don't give them out, but mostly because we have no realistic idea (since no one works regular hours, as this is all volunteer based).

Up to you. Always can start a Tekkit v2 just to get the hang of trying to get plugins to work with each other and practice and with the understanding of your users it's more of a playground for you to mess around server-side than it is a serious server for them.

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Sorry if I've been breaking rules here, I've read them now so I'm all clued up haha. IKm just trying to work out what's the best course of action from this point forward. Thanks for your advice. I'll probably setup a V2 server and implement the bug fixes above.

Maybe some anti grief testing is appropriate at this point to ensure all griefs are detectable and prefrably rollbackable. Thanks again for your advice

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