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"Quake speed"?


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not sure if this is too off topic but here it goes.

its not the first time someone brings it up, i've googled it up and it has been suggested on the minecraft forums a long time back, altho it didn't receive any attention unfortunately..

in short, a mod that mimics quake's movement system

acceleration, jump hight, velocity.. strafing. and so on

a little video on the subject of strafing in quake

i am aware of the rumor that " originally it was a glitch in the code that never got patched.. in time "

but you get the jest, the effect may be simulated without replicating the glitch.

the smart moving mod is pretty much what put the two things together in my mind

this tread is more for discussion than a plain request, joxer doesn't do request.

~ hope someone here's amused by the idea aswell :)

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I'm not sure off the top of my head exactly how to replicate this, but fortunately the Quake source code was released so it may be possible to get an idea by referring to that. I'd look into doing it if I was a little less busy right now, but I'll keep a note to look into it in the future.

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the source code has been public for a while now, but now that i think about it it would be rather impossible to replicate it only looking on the code and not having tried playing the game and trying the "exploit" luckily there's an open source game built off the same engine open arena ( their wiki ) - works on windows and linux. perhaps other operating systems aswell

( back at the day i figure, at start the programmers probably thought the issue to be so small it would never affect the gameplay ) - altho i may be misinterpreting rumors

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Holy crap, if Minecraft had those kind of moving techniques I'd be a fucking parkourist by now Q_Q

you would be a parkourist... irl? wish that was the case for me mate

but you know, if it would become so.. just a little while later we may be :)

offtopic.. its really sad openarena runs with 125fps 1920x1080 & max settings smoothly and i can barely get 30fps in mc and it freezes for a couple ms every now and then

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