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[1.6.4]Fractional Hysteria[PvP][30 slots][Fractional Modpack]

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Fractional Hysteria Server

Running Fractional for Minecraft 1.6.4

IP: factions.hysteriaunleashed.com:25568

Modpack: Fractional

Host: Hysteria Unleashed

Texturepack: Sphax PureBDCraft 64x

Server type: Open 24/7


This is a PvP/Griefing factions server that uses technology and magical mods for players to accomplish their goals.

Whether it's drilling for oil to barter for peace, or secretly teleporting the enemie's base into another dimension.

If you're a fan of FTB, Tekkit, Voltz, etc. and are looking for some friendly competition,

this is certainly up your alley.


Community Info (At time of posting):

Currently ~10 players daily who came over from the, old, private version of this pack. Includes hard-core and casual players.

Some experienced; some not. This server is hosted by Redemption15, and operated by Toroxus (me).

The server/modpack is looking to grow and any feedback would be appreciated. Come out and give it a try!


Some Role-players Backstory:

You awake from your stasis chamber aboard your spaceship, but something is amiss.

You find the ship buried in the ground, rusted, and being reclaimed by this unknown planet. You know others were onboard and

 you see evidence that some have left before you. You scavenge a few supplies, before setting out to stake a claim in this new world.



Server Rules:

Do not purposefully disrupt the stability of the server.

Do not spawn-camp someone.

MFFS Interdiction warn radius must be 50% larger than the action radius.


Disabled Items:

BC Quarry

Magnum Torch

ICBM Rejuventation, Anti-Matter, Red-Matter, Nuclear-Cluster Missiles

Modular Power Armor Blink drive, and generators.


Important Plugins and Mods:

Factions, Essentials, Clearlag, WorldBorder (4000 radius)

Rei's, Zan's, and Opis Minimaps. (Rei's by default)

Thaumacraft and add-ons, Ars Magicka 2, Applied Energistics, BiblioCraft, BiomesOPlenty, Buildcraft, Carpenter's Blocks, Chisel, ChickenChunks,

ComputerCraft ,EnderIO, ExtraCells, Factorization, Forestry, Hats, IC2 exp and addons, ICBM, IronChest, InventoryTweaks, MagicBees, Minefactory Reloaded,

Modular ForceField Systems, Advanced SolarPanels, Morph, Natura, NetherOres, NEI, Obsidiplates, OpenBlocks, PneumaticCraft, Modular PowerSuits, ProjectRed, qCraft,

Railcraft, SteveCarts, Sync, TwilightForest, and Witchery

This was not a complete list.

ICBM contains two bugs. One with radar guns and the other with turret player targetting. Both of these are fixed in the server to some extent. The ICBM dev is aware of these issues.

Edited by toroxus
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