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How do I connect to tekkit server?

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Are you sure you are typing the server address in right? Is that server up? Could be a million things.

Yes, Im even copying and pasting into the address bar. Hopefully it does not make a difference but im using a mac.

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-Check your firewall

-Make sure the server is online (ask someone else to see if they can connect, or check a tracking site if that server uses a tracking plugin)

-use a correct ip (for example can't start with 192,127 or 10), see if there's a domain instead of ip that you could enter

-check what port is used. it's added as ":12345" directly after the ip; no spaces or anything

That's about what i can think of... if you're not getting any kind of error besides that one, there's something wrong in connecting to the server. Even if your install were faulty, you wouldbe able to connect and get a more specific error.

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