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[3.1.2]RecklessVoltz[PvP][100 slots!][Not whitelisted][24/7 uptime]


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Server ip: s19.hosthorde.com:25945



Server rules


-No spamming

-No advertising

-No faction betraying

-No asking for op,items,ect

-No disrecpecting staff or players

-No excessive caps

-No excessive swearing

-No building with in 200 block from spawn

-No abusing bugs

-Don't use hacks/hack client's

-fill the top of quarry holes


Banned items


-chunk loaders

-laser drill

-matter cannon


More information


Recklessvoltz is a new voltz server offering a new and unique minecraft experience.

We pride ourselfs on being a family safe, friendly, and a welcoming server.

Several things that make us one of the fastest growing communities among servers such as Our returning player base, 

The supportive staff, Helpful plugins, and much more.

We are here to serve you, the player, and provide with the best gaming experience possible!




We have the best staff you will ever meet, It is one of the factor that puts 

Reckless Gaming ahead of the competition.

All our staff members are active playing members and are all 

knowledgeable as they are friendly and helpful.

Any staff members is able to assist players if they ever need help at all.




-Core protect






















Q:Do you guys have a website?

A:Yes we do.It is www.immortalswarpack.enjin.com


Q:How do we join?

A:You must go to your voltz settings and put it to "Always use latest version"


Q:What do we do if we find a bug?

A:You must report it immediately to a staff member.


Q:Do you own another server or a modpack

A:Yes I currently have 1 custom server and another voltz server open.


Q:How do I get a hold of you

A:You can contact me via skype: joseakarocky or message me on my website.


Q: Do you guys have teamspeak?

A Yes there I have a teamspeak 3 open. It's www.immortalswarpack.enjinvoice.com


Q: I keep getting bad log in when joining your server

A: Log out of your technic and log back in, Then launch voltz.




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Great server, best place to come for Voltz 3.1.2

I must agree! Such a fantastic server.  Have dedicated countless hours for unlimited fun! :D

Even when I've been raided or have foolishly lost everything to my own fault or the fault of a teammate, the rage produced is that of such magnificent splendor that I will myself to continue to play because the server is just that amazing! :D


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