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Might have to look at a different modpack


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We're having too many issues with AoTBT. I don't know if others are having so many problems but it's getting annoying.


  • Had to disable ProjectRed as it crashes the server and there'll never be a fix
  • Had to disable Minions because they can bypass restrictions and if someone logs off the server while minions have large inventories, they drop the lot in one spot. Now this chunk has 6,000+ entities and lags the server if anyone visits it
  • Dubstep guns can bypass restrictions
  • Archimedes Ships are buggy
  • Hats just plain don't work. The server-side file crashes the server if it tries to load it.


Our players really love AoTBT but I am getting sick of troubleshooting and trying to fix problems when the server crashes/lags so much.  We'd prefer to stay, but it's getting too much for me. I spend more time fixing problems than playing.


Does anyone else have these many problems? It seems like a popular modpack but I do see a lot of other servers banning most of the above mods.

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ProjectRed is built with a Multiparts which is not compatible with AoTBT. It should really be removed if it crashes the server and cannot be fixed.

The guy who made PR said he will never fix the 1.6.4 build by rebuilding it with a different Multiparts.

Read the tracker forum for more posts about server crashes with PR.

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