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Removing LWC from Tekkit 2.1.1?

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Mod Version: Tekkit 2.1.1

Java 7 Installed? Yes, JRE.

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

Internet Connection: 20 mbps (down) / 4 mbps (up)

Let me pre-pend, by asking if the current Tekkit 2.1.1 includes the Bukkit plugin LWC? If so...

I keep getting errors such as this one:

[sEVERE] at java.net.SocketOutputStream.socketWrite(Unknown Source) 

whenever a friend connects to my home server. I've searched around the net and done some troubleshooting on home.

1. My PC is more than capable of handling Tekkit 2.1.1.

--- Specs ----

Core 2 Quad @ 3.6 Ghz

8 GB of RAM

1.5 TB HDD (the hard drive Tekkit resides on)


2. My network is fine. Router doesn't seem to be the cause of the issue. No hiccups from my rather new modem either. Line tests come up clean, ping tests over time are very stable (3-9 ms to a local Chicago server), and no errant hops after doing multiple traceroutes (from PC to a server and back).

3. Am reading a few threads where people have complained that LWC seems to be causing this error and thus causing the server to kick people out constantly. Removing the plugin seems to immediately solve the problem. (Refer to: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lwc/ > Comments below)

So how do I go about removing LWC?

I don't see it in /plugins/ nor do I see it in /mods/. I assume it's integrated into Tekkit.jar? If so, which files do I need to remove?

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We're actually in survival mode. We had to use creative a few times to get out of some rather nasty drops (like falling 60 blocks into a gigantic pool of lava). I'm tempted to post up the seed the world is based on. The number of giganto interconnected caves and massive ravines is mind boggling.

No, I haven't tested that out. I thought the solar array problem was with Buildcraft arrays? The only solar panels I spawned in were the Redpower ones.

What stumps me is why do I only get those [sEVERE] errors after my friend drops out? Why doesn't it happen before?

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Is your friend logging out at or near any machinery or pipes that become unloaded when he leaves? I looked through it and I'm not familiar with those errors but knowing the circumstances around what causes them to occur (especially if they can be replicated) would give us a better idea of the cause.

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And now I find out his connection to the internet is crapping out in general. He can't even connect to my server anymore and the only game in his collection he can apparently play is Killing Floor (and only to certain servers). When I do a tracert to his IP, I get lots of bad hops along the way (somewhere between halfway point and his location). I've had him try and talk to his ISP (AT&T), but it seems they are no help. Either that or they are getting a runaround from (useless) level 1 techs.

I'm wondering if JAVA will spit out these errors if a player loses connection because of a problem on the client's end?

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