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So my and my friends built a large town, And had the idea to make street lights that turns on during the night and off during the day.

At first we used the Timer. Set it to 10 min day, 7 min night. Works decent, Any server lagg will throw the timer of a bit.

Tried making a BUD Switch, There is a random timer on it so sometimes it takes like 2-3 min before the lights turn on.

Tried using some plugins, But none of them work (Maybe outdated)

Tried using Lightsensor block from Risugami. Did not work

Does anyone have a good solution to this problem?

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Once the new version of Tekkit drops you should get access to the new light sensor in Redpower. But until then, Dragn is on the spot, it's what I use when I want something on during the day and off at night (or vice versa). Just make sure that whatever is taking the power can dump it and doesn't fill up so the solar panel always kicks the juice (not sure if it sends juice when there's no source to receive it).

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