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Apocolypse: The Destruction Of Therras

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All the chapters have been updated and fixed for better reading. I've spaced out the first three chapters making it easier on the eyes, I know how the WALL O' TEXT feels when your trying to read, and I have fixed that as well. Also I have fixed numerous grammatical errors, I'm sure there are more but I believe I have the majority of them fixed now. I'll have a new chapter up and ready for you guys to later on today as well!


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Chapter VII

"EVERMORE WILL NOT FALL!" Allessia shouted, looking back to her men, watching the mages tear through the scaffolding, ripping it apart as if it were nothing...it was nothing. No matter, I will not let this city fall. Allessia thought to herself, pulling the sword and knife, staring into the night. "READY!" Allessia commanded, her men armed and ready. The Mages grew closer. They were their target, they knew if they killed the only thing in their way, the settlement would not be a problem. "Crossbowmen!" Allessia shouted, raising her diamond sword into the air, "FIRE!"

The bolts soared through the sky, and into the darkness, and the sounds of flesh and bone cracking echoed throughout the night. "No mercy, take them out! Charge!" Allessia broke into a full run, glancing behind her, looking at the two mages arguing. One of them had a hold of the other man's arm, trying to pull him away. The older man looked rather defiant. She quickly shook away the thought and ran towards the broken and burning Blockade, and found the first mage, a skinny runt with a look of wild power in his eyes. Immediately he turned towards her and fired a fireball from his hands, that sailed over Allessia's shoulder guard. This was the moment.

"Oh shit!" The mage cried, turning to run away, but Allessia was too fast. The mage took two steps before Allessia reached forward, and with all of her strength slammed the diamond dagger into the mage's back before using the sword, arching it above her head before slamming it down on the top of the mage's skull, snapping away the mage's life, spurting blood from the top of his head as Allessia kicked the mage off her dagger, and sent his body pummeling to the ground. She flicked her sword in her hand and watched as the blood flew off and splattered on several grass blocks like a pattern of redstone.

"Lt.!" Someone screamed, just in time for Allessia to turn and throw her sword into the air, clashing it on another sword! She barely had time to close her eyes from the sparks before being kicked tot he ground with an incredible amount of force! Despite the pain she rolled backwards, and onto one knee, to watch a rather large man in full iron armor quickly stepping towards her!

"Stupid." The man said coldly before swinging the sword quickly to his left before parrying to the right! Allessia threw her shoulder plate up and into the way, more sparks lighting from her armor as she used the momentum to stand and face the man.

"Surrender now, or prepare to be executed under the order of the Therran Army." Allessia spoke, her words cold, yet forceful and very commanding. She flipped the dagger underneath her wrist, preparing a different stance, while keeping her sword in front of her.

"Tell ya what," The man snapped, circling her like a wolf, "No." In an instant, his hand swung in front of her, and at once the ground lit up in an arc in front of her! Flames hid the man as he let out a large, hearty laugh! "If your what I'm to expect from the mighty Therras, then we over-estimated you!"

"I gave you a chance." Allessia said before throwing her weight forward, thrusting herself over the fire and behind the mage! She swung the dagger, slamming it into the mage's armor before quickly turning, slamming the sword into the armor as well!

"Back off you loud mouth bitch!" Suddenly A sound like thunder exploded from the man as Allessia was thrown off the mage and into the scaffolding, collapsing all of the blocks around her! "AND DIE!" He threw his hand forward, more flames exploding from his wrist, firing onto the ground, catching her legs on fire!

"NO!" Allessia screamed, rolling out of the way, while trying to put the fire out! She sat up, trying to pat the flames out but the mage slammed his knee in her face, knocking her back to the ground! "Fuck!" Allessia said, once again ignoring the pain, rolling and standing before the mage. "What are you?" she snapped, looking for her weapons that were no where around her.

"You must think your high shit, with your special armor, yet you die just like every other piece of meat here. Useless." The mage spat, pointing towards the guilded armor. "Heh, 'bout like a woman too." The mage smiled, watching Allessia glare at him. "What? Hurt your feelings? Aw, poor little loud mouth bitch." The mage disappeared, reappeared behind Allessia and swung his sword, but fortunatly Allessia was prepared, and threw her wrist guards in the way, slamming the sword out of the way and spun, slamming her plated elbows intot he man's unprotected face!

"Off with you." Allessia spat, throwing her leg forward, slamming the mage to the ground! Allessia quickly raised her boot and careened it into the mage's skull who rolled over to his side. "You have no idea what I have been through to get where I am now-" Before she could finish, something slammed into her right arm and shoulder, and she couldn't move it. Immense cold and numbness covered her arm as she looked to find it completely in-cased in a block of ice! She turned to face the second mage only to find the mage impaled by a crossbow bolt. She turned back tot he battle-mage, who was slowly making it up to his feet.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, you little rat." He said, his back to her, "You've lost control of everything, haven't you?" Allessia looked around, and found her sword, a few meters away. "Yet you still think you can rule us all..." Flames began to encase the mage, covering his body as he stood! "You don't." The burning mage turned towards Allessia, a bright glowing jewel encased into his armor. "Volcanite...sucha beautiful thing." Allessia glanced at her sword and back to the mage. "Now what? Hm?"

Nostrum brought the hammer up, the massive Iron head slamming into the Mage's jaw, crushing it, teeth and blood exploding from the mage's jaw as he sailed backwards, slamming into the gravel path. He had lost track of Keith and was fighting his way to the Scaffolding, back tot he boy. "You hang on ye hear me?" Nostrum said aloud, "Ima coming!" Nostrum broke out into a run down the street, passing dark and empty buildings, and watching as a few buildings burned closer tot he entrance.

"Nope!" Someone shouted, and Nostrum was thrown into the air and slammed into a concrete wall before hitting the ground with a heavy thud! Nostrum looked up to find a mage in black robes holding his hands together, dirt and pieces of gravel whirling around his hands! "WEE!" He screamed, letting loose of the spell, a massive surge of wind launching Nostrum up through the air, slamming him back tot he ground again! "This is fun!"

"STOP THIS!" Nostrum screamed, scrambling to his feet, hid hands gripping Cog-head for dear life, "You don't have to do this!"

"That's the thing, I want to!" The mage let loose of another spell, and suddenly the ground began ripping up blocks of dirt and stone, whipping them around like a flail, screaming towards Nostrum!

"Shit!" Nostrum cried leaping to the side, watching the tornado whiz past him, slamming into a house, the blocks of stone ripping the house apart! Nostrum ran out of the corner, his hammer high in the air and charged, he had no choice! The mage saw Nostrum Runing and clasped his hands together again! "Oh hell no!" Nostrum screamed, and with all of his might chucked the hammer, right at the mage!" The mage was quicker, and the spell released, the wind launching the hammer back at Nostrum! Nostrum could not move before the hammer crashed into his armor with a sickening thud, splitting it in two and knocking Nostrum to the ground again! The hammer landed several feet behind him and rolled before slamming into a nearby building.

"Aw, it broke!" The mage mocked, charging yet another spell! Nostrum looked around and in the last second grabbed a chunk of dirt and threw it in the mages face. The mage screamed, letting the spell go, the wind slamming into the side of the building, blocks of stone and wood exploding from the house! Nostrum watched one of the stone blocks fly from the house, slamming into the mage's head knocking him on the ground, twitching violently. Nostrum forced himself to stand, and saw the damage. The top of the mage's skull had been knocked clean off. He was dead, no doubt about it.

"Hammer, hammer, I need my hammer," Nostrum said quietly looking for his weapon, spotting it sitting along the side of the wall. He grabbed it and broke off into a run again, running to what was left of the barrackade. As he neared the entrance he saw the woman facing another mage that was on his knees. She apparently knew how to take care-

Nostrum watched as The man burst into flames, standing to his feet in front of her. "Oh shit." Nostrum breathed, watching as he began to taunt her indiscriminately...

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, you little rat." He said, his back to her, "You've lost control of everything, haven't you?" Allessia looked around, and found her sword, a few meters away. "Yet you still think you can rule us all..." Flames began to encase the mage, covering his body as he stood! "You don't." The burning mage turned towards Allessia, a bright glowing jewel encased into his armor. "Volcanite...sucha beautiful thing." Allessia glanced at her sword and back to the mage. "Now what? Hm?" Allessia jumped and rolled, grabbing her sword before scrambling behind some logs before a ball of fire exploded from behind them, catching the entire stack of wood on fire!

"Shit!" Allessia hissed, the sheer heat causing her pain, but the fire was causing the block of ice to melt as well, that was a plus, right? "Now." Allessia said to herself suddenly using her good arm to throw her self in a leap over the logs, and with a force unlike herself, brought the diamond sword down, cleaving a piece of the mage's armor off as she landed!

"You bitch!" The mage screamed, throwing his foot out, the flaming limb slamming onto her chest, flames exploding into her face and chest as she rolled on the floor. "Just die already!" The mage raised the sword and tried to slam it down, only to find Allessia kicking the sword away, catching her leg on fire again as he side-stepped, allowing her to get up! Allessia readied her sword again, ignoring the flames as she stood ready to face the mage who lunged toward her!

"No you don't!" Nostrum screamed, grabbing the back of Allessia's armor, pulling her behind him as he raised Cog-head, the momentum of the hammer knocking the sword out of his hand completely! "THIS IS ENOUGH!" Nostrum screamed, throwing his shoulder forward, his massive size and strength pounding the battle-mage to the ground! Nostrum brought Cog-head back to position and said, "Make a move and I shit you not I will nail you to the fucking ground!"

"Well if it isn't bait." The battle mage said with a smile, pushing his elbows behind him so he could sit up, almost nonchalantly! "Nice little decoy you are, but if i had known you would be that much trouble, I would have let you die, how many innocents have you killed now? Three, four?"

"Those mages are not innocent by any means." Nostrum spat, watching the mage carefully as Allessia frantically put out the flames on her armor. "You have no right to do this, YOU HAVE-"

"Shut up please." The mage spate, flames exploding from his body, knocking Nostrum back a few steps, allowing him to stand up. "Just. Shut. Up." Fire began to surround the mage's hands, but before he could move, Nostrum was already there with Cog-head, and with extreme precision, Nostrum laid the hammer down on the mage's knee, breaking it completely, his bones shattering, the sound echoing as bone tore through his muscles and shredded through his skin as he hit the ground! "AHHHHH!" He cried, grabbing his leg, falling back to the ground, setting the grass around him on fire! Nostrum didn't miss a beat as he snatched up Allessia's sword, and stepped on the mage's chest, fire consuming his leg!

"I warned you!" Nostrum growled in pain as the fire creeped up his leg, "I WARNED YOU!" Nostrum screamed, slamming the sword into the mage's shoulder, pinning him to the ground!

"You're shit-"

"AND I DO NOT CARE!" Nostrum screamed, raising the hammer, pounding the handle of the sword, the blade easily ripping through his muscles and slamming into the dirt below! "NOW SIT." Nostrum snapped, stepping away, beating the fire off his leg, listening to the battle-mage scream in utter agony in front of him! Nostrum then turned towards the woman and shouted, "You see? DO YOU SEE!?!? THAT. Is a mage, not me!" His voice furious with rage. "Do not confuse me for them!" Allessia said nothing as she watched the mage switch from his shoulder and to his knee, the flames around him slowly dieing out. "where did you take the boy?" Nostrum commanded to the woman who said

"He's in the holding cells for now, its the safest place-" Nostrum began to walk away as the woman shouted, "You have to wait, if the mages follow you then it will only put the child in danger as well!"

"I'll kill as many people as I have to to keep that boy safe-" Nostrum tried to say.

"Don't be stupid you twit! Think about it! If you kill them of now, the boy will be safer, and we need you now, not later and holding a child, listen to me!" Nostrum clenched his teeth, more anger and sorrow filling his brain.

"You're right," Nostrum said, his eyes closed and his teeth clenched, "Of course your right..." Nostrum turned back around and stomped to the battle-mage, squirming on the ground. "Don't you move, I'm not finished with you, or I"ll find some more pointy things to pin you to the ground with-"

"Shut the fuck up you stupid little man!" The mage spat, his eyes burning with pain. Nostrum looked up to find the soldiers still locked in battle with the other mages. This would be a long night indeed...

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Chapter VIII

Nostrum let out a heavy sigh, looking out into the darkness, only the fires and burning building shedding light on the death around them. Time seemed to slow for Nost as he looked at the damage, and the bodies, more and more seemed to litter the street every second. Nostrum's eyes fell on a teenage boy, no older than twelve, gripping his stomach, his torso and arm burned and beyond repair. The young boy was dead. Nostrum looked to his right and saw one of the woman's soldier's slash a mage in the chest, ripping apart his skin, stumbling back before the twang of a bolt sounded, crushing the mage's chest as he fell to the ground, dead before he hit. Nostrum then looked ahead, and saw one of the woman's men, falling to his knees, his face turning icy and white, freezing solid before shattering by another mage nearby. Nostrum had never seen anything like this in his life...never... Once more Nostrum looked to his left, and in the deep darkness he watched as Keith pulled his sword from the belly of a mage, punching the man with all of his might before turning, facing yet another mage. "Violence..." Nostrum spoke to himself, "Violence is all my life has ever been...I just...I want it to stop." Nostrum looked up and grabbed Cog-head, and stepped towards the nearest mage and said nothing as the massive Iron hammer crushed the mage's shoulder, and like a chunk of clay, the mage folded in two as Nostrum lifted his hand again and with another amazing strike put the mage out of his misery, collapsing his head, slamming him to the floor.

"Nostrum!" Keith screamed, a few yards away from him, "They are thinning out! WE CAN WIN THIS!" Nostrum looked up to Keith, watching as he turned towards another mage. Keith was a natural it seemed. Nostrum thought as he watched Keith dispatch another mage as if they were nothing!

"Nostrum," The woman suddenly said, her hand on his shoulder, "I am so sorry. If I would have executed you, my men, or myself wouldn't even-"

"Save the shit." Nostrum spat, throwing her arm off him. He turned his head, his left eye piercing both of her's. "Violence only brings more violence." Nostrum said before turning away, targeting another mage, "But if that's what it takes," he told her, bringing the hammer up again, "Then its just what it takes." Nostrum left the woman behind, and charged down the mage who was dragging a woman from one of the houses! "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?!?" Nostrum cried, rage filling his body, "You think you can just do this?!?" Nostrum pressed his wait forward and held his feet firm, and slid across the ground, dust, flying into the air as his hammer fell from over his head, the iron head swinging under his side, up under his legs catching the mage in the chest! Nostrum fell forward, letting his knees loose, and with simple momentum slammed his knees into the mage's chest knocking him off the woman and into the side of another building!

"GAH!" The mage screamed, pain surging through his chest as the massive man landed on him, "Please, no!" Nostrum shook his head, and spoke:

"There are choices. And there are decisions. No good. No Evil. Just your choices and how you live, and die by them. This is your choice. Die by it." The mage tried to scream, but couldn't before Nostrum's massive hand grabbed his for-head and with all the force he could muster, slammed it against the stone wall, cracking his skull, blood pouring on the wall. Nostrum looked at the young man for a moment. 18, 19 years old? Maybe. "Too young for this shit." Nostrum said quietly as he rose up and realized that the sounds of fighting had stopped. He turned around to see the remaining soldiers looking at Nostrum, tired, burnt, and injured. Allessia looked on from near the entrance of the settlement as Keith came up behind her, and sheathed his sword. All at once the men began to cheer wildly for Nostrum! The clapped their hands and whistled and cried joyfully at the defeat of the mages! Nostrum, however was not impressed.

"What the hell are you all cheering for, HUH?" Nostrum screamed, throwing Cog-head to the floor, staring at the quickly quieting soldiers. "Is this what you like? Is this what you want to see? HM? I tell ya what, you come over here, and you look at THAT-" Nostrum said, pointing to the young mage, dead on the wall, "And tell me if that shit is worth celebrating, because to me, I just murdered a young boy and snuffed his life out form underneath him! How DARE YOU think any of this is worth celebrating!" Nostrum stomped to the corpse of the young boy and snapped, "LOOK AT IT!" as he looked at the young boy himself, "Yeah, your right, your totally fucking right, that's worth celebrating, you fucking morons, yeah, that, RIGHT THERE-" Nostrum creamed, his beard quivering with the rest of his body, "Is worth rejoicing about. You people make me sick. Completely, and utterly sick." Nostrum shook his head twice and walked away, leaving his hammer behind, leaving the soldiers, and everyone else, stunned, unable to speak...

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Hey guys, I am working on a music project at the moment, so I may be a little late on getting the next chapter, but rest assured it will be done! I would like to finish this project first before I write the next chapter, so thank you all for being patient! I will have you all fixed up soon!

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Chapter IX

Nostrum stared at the fire, Sitting against a brick wall, watching the logs burn fiercely, most likely lit from one of the mage's spells. The night was quiet, other than the small whispers of gossiping villagers, and the muttering of Allessia's soldier's afraid to speak too loudly around Nostrum. The boy was asleep, his head resting on Nostrum's leg as he lay in the dirt, dreaming troublesome dreams, fidgiting in his sleep.

"Hush boy," Nostrum said quietly, stroking the boy's hair, "Easy, easy there son, you're safe." Nostrum's words sounded hollow, empty. Off to the right, Nostrum looked at the sticky piston contraption, and shook his head once more. How many innocent people died because of that thing? Nostrum wondered bitterly, staring at the contraption, drowning out the sounds of the village.

It was quiet over all. The Settlement was a good ways away from the inner city of Therras, giving it a semi-advantage over the harder hit cities. It had still been hit, but however, it was no where near as devastating as the first attack on Therras was.

"Here," Allessia said quietly, Cog-head thudding quietly in the dirt beside Nostrum as Allessia rounded the corner. Nostrum looked at the woman, and snarled, barely able to hold his tongue. "look-"

"Are you PROUD of yourself?" Nostrum snapped, instantly losing any control of his thoughts he may have had, "Are you proud to lead those men, are you proud to call them your soldiers, your, your shining beacon of hope in these dark, dangerous times? Bull." Nostrum's green eyes reflected the fire, only making him seem angrier than he was! Nostrum pointed at the woman and snapped, "Not only have you probably killed more innocents than mages, your men are taking pride from it, and fucking cheering when a little boy dies! Not to mention ALL of the other people who have died-"

"We have lost people too, Nostrum." Allessia said quietly, standing over Nostrum, "If...Look, If we cannot celebrate something, we lose everything. I lose everything." Allessia looked down, towards the boy and pointed at him. "I don't know who he is, but he has something great. He has a protector. I don't know where he came from, who his parents where, even his name, but I do know that that little boy has something to cling to, and without that, he has nothing." Allessia plopped down in front of Nostrum, lifting her leg, and resting her arm on her knee. "I do know that this seems wrong, but most of these men, all six of them, have lost very close friends, and on five of them, brothers, and a sister." Allessia looked into Nostrum's eyes, studying them closely. "When...when the mages attacked Nostrum, I was leading a full company of twenty five soldiers. I'm down to six. I have lost EVERYTHING, Nostrum, everything." Allessia's voice became much less cold, and much more sad as she fought back tears, and struggled with her voice. "I have lost more, in twenty-two hours, than most people have lost in a life time." Allessia grew quiet, unable to speak.

"But in the process," Nostrum said, forcing a slight smile, despite his rage, "Look at what you have managed to save. Its not much, but it IS a start. By saving a town, you have taken your first step to saving Therras. I'm an old man, what I can do is very limited, but you are young, and bold, and with that you will move mountains. I know that this...is complicated, all of this," Nostrum said quietly, waving his hand out to the side, "But we have to make things right, and find out what has truly happened. If no one else does, I have to at lest try. I have to TRY." Nostrum's voice began to become hoarse. "I watched the epidimy of despair and chaos happen, right before my eyes. I watched people die, I watched kids burn alive, I watched soldiers explode in the street, like..." Nostrum trailed off trying to forget about it, but was unable to.

"I'm sorry," Allessia said quietly, "For everything you have endured. People are scared, hiding, running for their lives, but you and your friend, despite everything, are facing this head on, and not running away. Maybe, just maybe, you'll make a difference." Allessia smiled, resting her chin on her arm. "I hope you can truly fix this."

"I do too ma'am," Nostrum said, fading out into sleep, "I do too..."

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Chapter X

"Nos, get up, Let's go we have to get to sis." Nostrum's eyes opened up, looking up at Keith, who was trying to pull him up, a slight scruff growing on his face.

"You look like shit..." The old man groaned, looking up at the dimly lit orange sky. It was a little before dawn.

"Yeah, well," Keith said, patting his pants off, "You're not much better for wear friend. Come on. I have to find Melissa. Okay?" Nostrum wiped the grime from his eyes and nodded. He began to stand but felt an immense weight on his leg!

"Oh, hey, almost forgot about you little buddy." Nostrum said quietly, watching the young boy's face fight with the sleep he was being woke from. Nostrum ran his massive hand through the boys hair, which was still caked in ash, and dust. "What am I going to do with you?" Nostrum asked himself quietly staring at the boy. He remembered his daughters, how they would do the same thing in the evenings, especially on cold nights. Emma would always curl up in his massive arms, seemingly hanging on for dear life, but having the utmost trust in her father as she hung there, her eyes always looking towards the fireplace. Katie would sit on his lap, resting her head on his chest, often grabbing her stuffed sheep, or sucking her thumb. Life had been good, at least for a time anyways.

"What about him?" Keith asked quietly. Nostrum didn't have to look, he knew what Keith was talking about.

"I..." Nostrum said quietly, his voice rattling in his throat, "I honestly don't know son." Nostrum let his head fall back against the wall of the building he had fallen asleep on. "I promised I would take care of him, and I don't think I can leave him here-"

"But where we are gong Nost, it's no place for him." Keith said, his voice stern, and firm.

"I know." Nostrum sighed, opening his eyes. They were saggy, deep lines carving the age into his face. "I know."

"Then leave him here. Its the best chance he's got." After Nostrum didn't reply for a few seconds, Keith stood in front of Nostrum and bent down. "Listen to me buddy, please. I don't want anything bad happening to that kid, and in return affecting you in a negative way. You know what you have to do Nost, He's better off here." Nostrum slowly cast his green eyes up at Keith, chewing slightly as he thought. Nostrum looked at the young man. Just a few hours before, he was a coward, and scared shitless, unable to cope with the fact that what had happened to his home, and to his people. All of that changed with one simple message. Was this normal? TO go from a kind, passive engineer to a soldier, in a matter of hours? The thought baffled Nostrum. "NOS!" Keith snapped, grabbing Nostrum's chin, making him look at Keith. "We have to do something about the boy. If he dies in your hands, you'll never be the same. Please, listen to me, I know you made a promise to that boy, but sometimes you have to compromise. Please. We gotta go soon, and whether you like it or not, I cannot face that on my own. Nostrum, listen to me. Leave him here." Keith's face was suddenly drained of all color as the boy spoke, his eyes still closed.

"If you leave then you'll both be killed as well, and I'll have no one else. I'll be alone again..." The boy still seemed in a dream like state. "Pappa told me to stay and he went outside. Men in robes came and burned him to ash. He promised I would be safe. Pappa lied..." A single tear fell from the little boy's nose, landing on Nostrum's pant leg.

"Your Pappa never lied son. You're safe, ain't ya?" Nostrum said in a soft, reassuring voice.

"No..." The boy said, his chest heaving wildly, trying to hold back from sobbing, "Not if you go. I don't want to be alone Mister...PLEAAAASE!" The boy leaped up from the ground and before Nostrum could even react the boy locked his arms tightly around Nostrum's neck, sobbing into his chest! "Da-a-a-ddy said I would be safe, he would come back to get me, H-h-h-he n-n-never diiid!" The boy sobbed inconsolably, refusing to let go of Nostrum! "And mamma, she said, the same thing, she said she would, get better, then we, would go, to the park a-a-an-d we'd be happy, but she never woke up! I tried and tried, and shook her and shook her, and daddy cried, and I cried, but she wouldn't wake up! I-I-I-I-IIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" Nostrum's lip began to quiver, memories of his own flooding back to him. Keith stood up and turned away, running his hand across his mouth, grabbing his chin as he shook his head, absolutely stunted on what to say next. "Da-a-addy said she had to sleep for a while in the dark, and that's why he put her into the basket and put her int he ground, I ca-a-ame everyday, hoping that it was time, and we could be a family, and that, that....THEN DAAAAAADDY!" Nostrum quickly grabbed the back of the boy's head and held him close, the tears in his eyes blurring his own vision and bringing back the burning memories of his family as he said:

"Enough boy. That's enough." Nostrum swallowed deeply, forcing back everything he had just remembered. "Ain't no way in hell Ima let anything happen to you. I swear to Notch I won't." Nostrum picked up the boy and stood up himself. "I swear to you, as long as you're holding my hand, I will not let anything get you. I won't let anyone, or anything harm you. I swear to Notch." The boy said nothing and continued to cry. "You listening to me boy? HEY!" Nostrum screamed violently, enough so to make the boy stop crying immediately and to make Keith jump and turn back around! "Do you believe me boy?" The child stared into Nostrum's eyes, too terrified and sad to know what to say. "You have to know that you can believe me. I do not break my promises. I Will not let anything bad happen to you. Do you believe me?" After a moment the boy, his eyes wide and his face dirty nodded slowly. "Good," Nostrum said with a smile, "So here's the deal, you're kind of heavy and carrying you and this hammer here at the same time will be a little difficult for me, especially if I am going to protect you. You think you can walk, I know its hard and you're tired, but yer gonna have to suck it up, at least for a bit, alright?"

"I can walk." The boy said quietly, letting go of Nostrum and slipping back to the ground.

"Great!" Nostrum said, clapping his hands together dust flying from them, "That's a start!" Nostrum knelt back down and faced the little boy. "Now, remember I will ask you to do some things you may not like, like to hide, or stay in one place, but that is part of the deal. You said you believed and you trusted me, this is how you prove it. One more time, and after this is over you will never have to worry about something like that again for the rest of your life."

"Promise?" The little boy said, his voice a little stronger. Nostrum grabbed his inner cheek with his teeth.

"I promise." Nostrum stood back up and grabbed Cog-head. "What's yer name young 'un?" Nostrum asked the boy.

"Carrington." He said after a moment. "Carrington Ross."

"Carrington huh?" Nostrum said with a smile, "That's an absolutely brilliant name." Carrington forced a smile before finding his place right by Nostrum's side. Nostrum looked back up to find Keith, looking at him as if he could run right through him! "I've made up my mind boy, don't even say a word." Keith shook his head, before beggining to walk away.

"Let's go." He said without much emotion, walking towards the gate.

"Nostrum, Keith, wait!" Allessia screamed catching the trio before they could reach the stockade, "There is something I want to give you two, follow me please. Nostrum shrugged, following the woman as Carrington followed along closely behind Nostrum, never missing a step. Keith shook his head, a look of disgust creeping across his face as he whispered "We're wasting time..." quietly to himself.

"You ain't gotta give us anything," Nostrum said quietly his feet throwing up tufts of dust as he walked, "You need everything you can get for this town."

"Yeah, well, I aim to keep the heroes of Evermore safe."The woman said as she neared a workshop like building. "Captain St. Joan Allessia the Third." She said, never turning to face Nostrum. "I don't think I ever told you my name. My men simply call me Allessia, and I expect you to do the same."

"Okay." Nostrum said simply, shrugging his shoulders as he followed Allessia into the torch lit warehouse. Nostrum looked at the torched on the wood panel wall. Whoever figured out how to make torched that didn't catch fire to wood, was a genius.

"Open that chest there Nostrum, that one is for you. Keith, The one on the left is for you." Two chest sat on a table, they looked as if they had been freshly made, hastily put together for the "Surprise."

"Christmas came early boy!" Nostrum chuckled as Keith said nothing, refusing to even look at Nostrum as he walked to his chest. Nostrum didn't show it, but that hurt Nostrum to an incredible extent. That was his best friend, and he wouldn't even talk to him...it was his only friend.

"Go on," Allessia said, throwing her hands forward, "Open them." Nostrum nodded and opened his chest and was absolutely astonished by what he had seen. As he reached inside he placed his hands around the shining smooth surface the bright blue and silver was cold to the touch as he lifted it out of the chest.

"A diamond chestplate?" Nostrum said, astonished by the sheer quality of the piece. It was in his size too! Each plate was polished and moved on its own, giving him full functionality. neck guards had been crafted on the sides, and though there were no shoulder guards, the edges had all been smooth and lined with pure silver. Underneath each plate there were rubies which re-enforced it further! Even more amazing a gear had been welded to the center of the chest plate, silver with an emerald embedded in the center of the silver gear. "How could you-"

"We had supplies when we moved out, there are still plenty remaining, rest assured. There's more." Allessia said quietly, pointing to the chest. Nostrum looked to find another object covered in cloth and pulled it out. As the pure blue Hammer unveiled itself, Nostrum nearly lost it, then and there. The head was a massive chunk of sapphire molded and filed down smooth, with a claw sharpened out on the other end. The shaft was crafted from obsidian, and like his very own hammer a gear had been melded with the sapphire, just below the head of the hammer. The obsidian shaft was wrapped in a black leather, perfectly matching Nostrum's grip! at the end of the hammer was an obsidian blade, carved into the shaft as well.

"I don't..." Nostrum began to say.

"Don't." Allessia stopped him. The back of your chest piece is magnetized, should make it much easier to sheath and unsheathe your weapon. Don't worry it will hold. I am terribly sorry fro what I did last night, and there is no way to make that right. But I can see to it that your at least prepared if your going to the inner city." Nostrum looked at Keith who had a very similar chest plate, his two embedded with a silver gear. His weapon though was a bit different. The blade was a piercing red, made from rubies. The blade itself was curved, with a narrow blade with the edge only on one side.

"What kind of-" Nostrum tried to speak again.

"That is a katana, a special blade, something that actually took longer than your hammer and breastplate combined. He should find a great use from that." Keith said nothing but nodded his head in acknowledgement as he grabbed the two items and walked out of the workshop.

"Thank you." Nostrum said, unsure of anything else really to say.

"Good luck in whatever you are trying to achieve." Allessia said, grabbing his shoulder. "Good luck, and be safe. Notch watch over you." Allessia turned away as Nostrum finally left, catching up to Keith as he walked past the settlement's stockade, walking towards the inner city...

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This is really cool!

I'm writing my own book and it would be amazing if I got some pro feedback ;)

The tales of illensia thread is the home of my thread it should be directly under the stickies

Still if it slows down the production of this book then don't bother I'd much rather read a chapter of yours :)

Really good work and keep it up!

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Chapter X1

"Where are we going?" Carrington asked quietly, a small quiver in his voice as the small boy looked in the distance, the black smoke rising into the crimson sunrise, seemingly hiding the city from the destruction it had truly suffered. Carrington quickly looked away, unsure suddenly of his choice to go with Nostrum. Carrington felt a small tug on his hand and looked up to see the smiling old man looking down on him.

"Ain't no reason to be scared boy," Nostrum said, looking back up to the burning city, "As long as yer with me, there ain't gonna be a Notch-damned thing a mage can do to you." Carrington forced a weak smile before looking back to the ground, too afraid to look back towards the city.

"This is on you." Keith spat before turning away once more, still walking down the road. Nostrum sighed, and shook his head, a bitter taste of regret forming in his mouth. It made him sick. They walked for an hour along the broken and flaming road. It was odd how much of the roadways were actually attacked. Then again, it made since to Nostrum cutting off trade and commerce. If people couldn't get supplies...they would die.

"We're a bloody mining town...we can't eat the rocks." Nostrum said to himself as he continued to walk, making sure the boy was tight in his hand as he did so. In the distance, Nostrum could already smell burning death. It was unnatural, and sickening. Knowing as they got closer to the ashes, they would be inhaling the bodies of the burned-

"Stop!" Keith hissed suddenly, literally pushing Nostrum and Carrington into a bunch of fallen crates as he, himself ducked down behind them.

"What the hell-" Nostrum tried to speak but was cut off by a cuffed hand against his mouth. Nostrum slapped it away, giving Keith a stern look as he did so.

"Please!" A woman screamed, backing away on the ground, her hands ripping themselves open amoungst the rock and shattered glass on the road, "Please!" In her lap was a small child, no more than four or five. The poor thing was too terrified to even cry.

"Take the child, make it swift. A pulse through the head will be enough to put it out of


"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" The woman screamed, gripping her child as she stood up, "You will not harm a hair on his head!" Nostrum tried to stand up, but was thrown back down by Keith.

"You ain't gonna stop me boy." Nostrum said, fighting to stand again.

"This is the quickest, and easiest way." The voice belonged to another mage. He had long black hair and dark red robes. There were various trinkets and items strapped to a belt on his waist. The black haired mage walked up to the woman and grabbed her chin. "Trust me, you want it to end this way. Other mothers have fought harder than you, and their children..."

"Shut your-" The mother cried before hacking snot in her throat, spitting the glob of mucus in the Mage's face- "FACKING MOUTH!" She lifted her leg and with all of her might slammed it in between the mage's legs, sending him on his knees before she herself was pulsed with an amazing amount of force to the ground!

"NO MORE!" Nostrum shouted heaving his chest forward, Throwing Keith and his armor off himself before standing, facing the mages there were four of them. Two of the mages were holding back a now screaming child, restrained by a binding spell from the mages. The black haired mage was on the floor and the forth mage was stepping towards the woman, who had seemed to be knocked cold by the pulse. "NO MORE!" Nostrum screamed again. Pulling the magnetized hammer from his back. "You know what to do son." Nostrum said, glancing back towards Carrington before marching towards the mages. Keith watched Carrington crawl into one of the open crates before standing himself, meeting up with Nostrum.

"Stupidity." Keith spat before pulling his sword towards the mages. "Let them go." Keith said coldly raising the blade towards the mages who simply laughed in his face.

"You're not even holding it right!" One of the mages laughed before a bright blue beam of light slammed into the sword knocking it from Keith's hand, skidding it across the road!

"Let them go and you'll walk free." Nostrum said, Cog head in his hand. "This I promise you. But if you don't leave now-" Suddenly one of the mages disappeared, much like an enderman, and re appeared in Nostrum's face!

"Wait..." The mage, his hair and eyes hidden behind the hood of his robe, "I know who you are...you've claimed a few trophies of your own, haven't you?" Nostrum said nothing, only stood his ground, waiting for the mage to attack. "Yeah, people are calling your name already, especially a few up my own." His piercing brown eyes stared down the old man. Nostrum returned the favor. "You call for mercy, yet you're doing the exact...same...thing-"

"Oh, enough of this BULLSHIT!" Keith cried, and before Even Nostrum could react, Keith heaved his body into the air, throwing his right leg forward, the heel of his boot slamming into the mouth of the mage as he pushed his weight forward and with one great heave spun the mage to the ground, slamming his head against the pavement, his boot crushing the mage's skull underneath! Broken teeth and brain splattered on the ground as Keith rolled to the left, grabbing his sword and standing once more in a fighting position.

"Kill them."

"No!" Nostrum screamed, charging forward but it was too late.

One of the mages Levitated a nearby chunk of road with his magic, aiming it at the boy who began to scream in terror as the Mage Threw his fingers forward and with a quick "zing" and "CRACK!" gore exploded from the child's skull as his body fell limp to the ground.

"YOU FU-FU-FUCKING-" Nostrum stammered, pushing charging to the mage who held the stone. The mage merely smiled and pointed towards the mother. Nostrum seemingly against his will stopped and looked just in time as she was thrown magically into a pile of protruding re-bar! the sickening sound of flesh and bone exploded as she landed. After a moment she looked down and saw what had happened before looking to her child. Her eyes grew wide as blood steak tears began to stream down her face, only for a moment before she died, still staring at her son.

Nostrum was unable to move, unable to speak, even though, behind him, he could hear Keith fighting something behind him. Nostrum's world faded behind him, a new world of black began to surround him, and as the light began to fade away-

"NNOOOOOOOOOOOOSS!" Out of instinct, Nostrum fell on his stomach, just in time to see nine or ten black balls soar past his head, slam into the ground, ripping up the blocks, absorbing them....and just keep going...

"Uh..uh...uh...." Nostrum was barely holding consiousness. Not because of injury, but because of shock. He rolled on his back, his head landing in a thick globbing substance...Nostrum swallowed, holding back the vomit that was quickly building in his throat.

"This. Is why. Therras. Must burn!" The black haired mage was standing, holding a strange yellow and red jewel in his hand. It had a bright red glow and chimed every few seconds, the pitch growing louder and louder. His free hand covered his crotch and every moment of so he had to semi bend over to remain standing. "The destruction catalyst," The mage said between struggled breaths, "Makes clean up a breeze." The mage threw his hand forward and from within the gem black orbs exploded from within it, Spiraling towards Nostrum!

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