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Today, I think I have encountered herobrine in Tekkit.... Day 2, dear diary. Today I've been on the beach and the sand collapsed under me! The water from the ocean rushed in and flooded the cave, but leading downwards. As I explore the cave I encounter lots of iron, tin and copper. As I keep walking I fall down a hole, hurting my legs. Down here a zombie starts attacking me, so in my panic I punch it and it fals into a lava pool, but right on the ceiling of the lava pool there was diamond! As I start hitting the shiny blue gem I hear strange noises, like grumbling, like somebodys in pain. Even though I was very frightened I kept on mining it, after that I decided to explore the cave more. And as I keep walking I see some more diamond! When I started mining it, I heard the strange noises again, but I said to myself 'It's just the wind poka, keep on going...' When I finnaly climbed out of the hole I fell into, I saw a mineshaft. It looked abandoned, and there was also a chest. But to my surprise when I opened it there was a big blue gem, another diamond. I was very happy with my discoveries, and then I finnaly saw light, daylight! I started sprinting upwards, and the light grew bigger and bigger. When I came to the top I was dazzled by the light and I walked up to my treehouse, I climbed up the ladder and checked in the furnaces to smelt my precious Gems. But when I checked one, there were 2 bones in one, fresh and smelly...... By the way guys, the story about the bones is actually true. Can somebody comment on this post if this ever happened to them too? I was really freaked out when this happened, please help me out :)

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I know, Technic pack and Tekkit are two different things, tekkit is for multiplayer. But I find Tekkit more comfortable to use, since I don't have to change modpacks each time I want to go on multiplayer, AND Tekkit runs alot smoother for me.

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