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why 1.6.4


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AotBT is in 1.6.4 at the moment because most of the mods aren't updated to 1.7 yet. 

Actually, most of the mods in the modpack are updated to Minecraft 1.7, except for a couple mods such as Tropicraft and World of Dinos, and maybe some other ones, but for the most part, most of the mods in the mod pack have been updated to 1.7.

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Well generikb talked in one of his last videos of a new modpack which he started to design while he was on gamescon. probably (and this is only my speculation, since there is nothing official) this might be in 1.7, since when AOTBT came out most of the mods where switching over still.

and I guess also, since he has this new modpack in mind, we won't see an official AOTBT 1.7 version.

But this is is all just deduction from the little facts that are available yet.

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