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Any world copy/paste tools that work for Tekkit?

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Does anyone know of a working world copy tool for Tekkit? I mean as in copy an area from one world and paste it into another. I will take anything: modded worldedit, voxelsniper, mcedit, what ever you claim that works.

This would be very useful to remedy the pain of moving to a new map with Tekkit 3.0 later on (of course one has to use world converters and stuff as well for it to ever work).

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Hmm now that I think about it, it would also have to work for Tekkit 3. Because you would convert your old tekkit 2 world to tekkit 3 format and then copy over to a fresh tekkit 3 world. You can't simply copy it with both world as tekkit 2 because then the new world would not have the tekkit 3 features.

Of course nobody can at this time know what works or not for Tekkit 3. So let's just ask if there are any tools that copy item damage values and facing etc and preferably work for mc 1.2.5.

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Okay I tested it and it seems to work. Mcedit works with current tekkit and with mc 1.2.5 so combined with midas it can move stuff (any blocks/areas) over to the other side of the (oh-so-distant) update. From what I hear though, pretty much all builds of mcedit currently available are somewhat unstable and nightly so I'm not promising anyone anything here :P

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