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Can I Add Industrial Craft?


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I have found out only recently that Industrial Craft has been removed from Tekkit. First off, I think the game is just not the same without Industrial Craft, but I don't want to start a fight. but, is there any way that a noob like me could somehow add Industrial Craft back into Tekkit(On my own computer)?

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Yeah, it's possible. You would add it the same way you'd add any mod.


Do note though that recently IndustrialCraft has... well, changed quite a bit. And become more GregTech-like. If you want an experience closer to the one from Tekkit Classic/Lite you're going to want to get IC2 Classic.

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With the recent release of TPPI on the Technic platform, maybe you want to look into that, instead of tinkering around by yourself. It has many of the mods that Tekkit has, and a recent IndustrialCraft is included as well. Along with Mekanism, and some other really useful mods. As of right now, TPPI has the superior tech mod selection. And I am saying that as somebody who doesn't like IC2.


After some testing I decided to add Simply Jetpacks to my TPPI, but mostly for convenience. The Mekanism jetpack works as well, but I'm used to the SJ pack now. Dropping that mod in is pain-free, although for multiplayer you would have to look for a server that includes it.


P.S.: Valkon's point is an important one, though. I remember IC to be tedious and cumbersome to use, and it has become ten times as tedious since the olden days. It is a mod for masochists and people who like to actually work for the game, not play it.

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