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Beating quantum chestplate

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Hey, I am playing on a server where the quantum chestplate is banned, because it is way overpowered. Occasionally someone is able to beat the system and get one on. Is there any way to beat a quantum chestplate? I tried fighting someone who had full quantum with a redmatter katar, using its AOE. I locked him in a small room and ran around jumping while mashing the attack key. I must have hit him 200 times before he killed me. How can you beat it?

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Trap him in lava with either hit locking (lots of hits, arrows, whatever), tesla coils, or something. It'll take a while. Otherwise, just get a mod to ban him for cheating, since quantum is banned.

Banned? By who?

Also, i think quantuums glitched...or insanely op.

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