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NEW! Let It End Alpha series, 250 mod lets play and other cool stuff

Primal Demon

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Hi guys!                                                        My channel-                                                                                                                                                 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9IWy2CE1S86FlryXi-i66w
I thank you for taking the time to read this! your GREAT!
Sorcerer's Dawn-Adventure map-alpha!
The map is in early alpha and is not yet complete.
To give you an idea what how complex this map is it currently has Over 1,300 command (1413) and is full to the brim with side quests!
Map made by:Talis
If you wish to download the map your self you can follow this link to the maps forum:
After End
After End is a brand new modpack that has just been released.
The pack is still in alpha stages but it still has quests to power through.
The pack is a space block style map which is geared towards adventure and quest completion
You can find more info using this link:
Stranded on the beach
This series is aimed at mod exploration and teaching the player mods that they may not have used before (such as witchery). With over 100 quests and over 100 mods this series promises to be a good one!
More info and download links by following this link:
Let it End series-(beta)
This series is a play through of a new mod pack that is currently in alpha stages.
You can read all about the mod pack and costume map through this link:
This series has over 80 mods installed!
if you wish to view this series here is a link to its playlist:
or you can watch the latest episode here:



If you need help with anything I will make a video on it.
If you wish to see a specific mod/mod pack series you name it are do it.
Every now and then I upload a random tutorial.... it could be on any thing.
If you need a tutorial of some kind just ask! I will do my best to get it done!
Here is one that I recently made:
Other content
along with this series I do a number of other series you may be interested in watching.
You can click on the names to take you to the playlists.
-and the occasional mini game
If you wish to see content of any kind don't be afraid to ask!
I am also looking for people to do collab recording so get in touch if your interested
I am here to provide clear.png
Any way thank you again and heres the link to my channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9IWy2CE1S86FlryXi-i66w
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Wooooh whats this two videos to advertise at once???

Sorry for late advertisement on one of them. (got no internet at the moment)


Things get less "face palmy" in the latest episode of Let It End



And things are getting much stronger in the latest episode of Modded Madness

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