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[Changed to TekkitLite] Evolution R&D [PvE] [50 slots] [Open] [EE]


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Server IP: play.evolutionrd.net

Server website and forums: http://evolutionrd.net

Mumble address: mumble.evolutionrd.net

Mumble Port: 64872

TekkitLite version: 0.5.3


Construction foam creations!


Cool terrain formations!


We're building on the shoulders of giants!


Our super-awesome protection system!



Evolution R&D is (one of) the oldest Tekkit server(s) still standing. It was founded in February 2012 back in Tekkit version 1.1.4. We mainly focus on core game play and building of awesome stuff. We have no global pvp or big rpg elements, we just want to build cities and machines together.



LWC (chest protection)

Precious Stones (area protection, much better than Towny and other such plugins)




The server is divided into different worlds with different purposes:

Spawnworld houses portals to other worlds.

Overworld is where we all build.

Scrapworld is for mining, quarries, explosives etc. It resets quite often.

Nether is for nether (duh).

Sometimes we might have a 5th temporary world for challenge maps or pvp games.


Owner - RebelNode

Admin - Davnell, bluesky_robyn

Mod - Shiral, Roflmfaozorz, topsniper52, robopwner

You can read the server rules at http://www.evolutionrd.net/vb/content.php?115-rules

Some of Equivalent Exchange (EE), is disabled but the major features like condensers and dm/rm tools are enabled. Also some obvious grief tools and duping bugs have been disabled (full list behind the above rules link).

Server specs:

50 slots

4 GB Ram

Fast SSD storage

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  • 2 weeks later...

you have allmost all items banned useless server. there are many servers with allmost all enabled :)

We have all major grief items and a lot of EE banned (transmutating) as we found it too OP, we have also removed BC to reduce lag and because you can use RP and IC2 to do pretty much everything BC can do (am yet to find something you can't do) all be it a little more costly to produce.

If you are looking for a fair server with a long play life and committed players then come on, if you want a server with all Tekkit enabled then no this one isn't for you.

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you have no diff from a standart mc now

Not sure what you mean here...? We have IC and RP as well as a lot of EE, so far as I remember Vanilla has none of these? If you don't want to play on our server so be it, happy hunting for that server that will suit you.

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people dont even bother going on this server. the most fun mods are disabled.

We have only disabled Equivalent exhange transmutation devices, buildcraft for being obsolete and then some things that are buggy or allow extensive griefing. I know our itembanlist is bigger than most servers have, but then again we have managed to run this server succesfully for 5 months now and people from way back are still interested to play with us. I argue that enabling one or more of the disabled items would just result in a worse gaming experience for everyone (getting items would be too easy, we would have unrollbackable grief, server would lag etc.).

Also mosc, yesterday you came on the server after being away for a couple of weeks. Then you asked why I haven't made you a moderator. I said you might not be mature enough and you have proven just that.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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