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Need Feedback - What smp mods work with tekkit smp? Known smp mod packs?

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Hey tekkit and players

What are the known smp mods that work with tekkit? I wana mod tekkit more.

is it possible to get prehistoric mod on tekkit smp? its same version n everything

I want to mod my tekkit private server for Survival/adventure.

thus y i wana know if theres mods that are compatible with tekkit

And What Plugins you guys reccomend for me to put in my server?

to make it harder to survive?

I am useing more mobs plugin on my server but it only works for creepers and endermen that i know of so far...

O and lastly is there anyy known plugins / mods ( that work with tekkit)

that makes it so under world mobs ( ghasts, pigmen ect ect) will spawn in the over world ( the normal world)?

Pritty much just looking for anything that will make it fun and hard to survive / adventure.

im pritty much trying to make it like yogbox.

Sum of you are prob gona say do hack n slash . i like sum stuff in it others i dont such as the classes and mainly the hunger. its pure adventure but surviveablity non.

What are the known Smp mod packs? any others other than tekkit/ hack n slash * i know of cjb and gamex

mod packs as well but im mainly aiming for somthing similar to yogbox in the sense of survive/ adventure for smp.


Any one know of Custom made Enviorment Map for tekkit smp? Such as epic world custom enviorment*

(example) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1073080-the-epic-world-26km2-of-custom-terrain-22k-downloads/

I tryed that one but it isent compatible with tekkit smp .

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