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How to set up a dedicated server for Tekkit.

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For anyone with a couple bucks laying around, a dedicated server is the way to go for Tekkit.

However setting up a server can be a daunting task for someone with little knowledge.

Here's how I did it:

1 - Decide on what server host to go through.

There are a million different hosting companies out there to choose from, each promising cheap service with zero lag and superb support, but they are not all created equal. Which to choose from is up to you, I use VeryGames.co.uk for mine. They provide a solid service and average pricing.


Not trying to sell you on them but they worked for me. I'm going to give directions based on VeryGames server hosting and the process I used.

Make sure you select the OpenMod Java option if using VeryGames to host your server.

2 - Download Tekkit for servers


Unzip to a folder on your desktop or wherever, something easy to find.

3 - Download an FTP client

I use Filezilla. http://filezilla-project.org/

4 - Open your Tekkit folder that you unzipped and rename Tekkit.jar to minecraft_server.jar

Make sure your server is offline at this point.

5 - Open Filezilla and enter your FTP username, password, etc. at the top.

This info can be found on verygames website, which you should have open this whole process.

6 - Transfer all the files in your tekkit folder that you unzipped, except the Launch.bat file, into the game/minecraft/openmod directory on your FTP server.

7 - Open the My Server tab on VeryGames website and under the line "Openmod Java: Customize the command line (experienced user, read +INFO)" you should select -jar and in the box you should have minecraft_server.jar, hit validate.

8 - Under "Select the game to activate on the server" Select OpenMod Java : Action Launch game. Then hit validate. Then hit "Refresh" at the top.

This is also where you whitelist players, ban/unban players, etc. You should always check "Maintenance - Console log" to make sure everything is working. Also under maintenance you can start/stop your server etc.

Your server's IP is in the green box at the top right.

Connect and Enjoy.

Hope this helps!

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Decker, I meant post this type of thread on your host's forum so users of that host can use it. I don't want you to get in trouble for 'advertising' your host because that's frowned upon here. Although you can change your post to remove that and still have a good guide on how to set up most dedicated host servers that won't do it for you (as long as you have FTP access).

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