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Disabling recipes / recipemanager

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so far I have been successfully using pex/modifyworld and mod_EE.props for all my item banning purposes and especially modifyworld has been most excellent at that. It is however afaik incapable of disabling item recipes without disabling the item itself or one of it's ingredients. This in turn isn't enough for situations like the tin --> bucket --> iron exploit. So do you have any better solutions that you use (and work for tekkit 3)?

I just tried recipemanager, but it seems like that plugin is just not made for modded servers and the configuration for non-vanilla items seems to be undocumented and hard. Also it seems to break crafting table 3 (some recipes I didn't disable still got disabled in crafting table 3). If you have working configs to disable tekkit recipes with recipemanager then I'm happy to hear those too.

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Here is my solution to the recipe banning problem: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/banrecipe/

It's really simple and straight forward. It will just not enable crafting the item. Sub-set items or whatever they are called don't work well though. For example (random numbers) 120:55 wouldn't work but 120 will and will disable all the sub items too from working from what I've tested. It's not perfect but works.

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