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Hole in bedrock


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Technical Question:


If I understand correctly, someone suggested to dump unneeded stuff into the whole which then makes it "vanish". Did I understand correctly or am I wrong?

If was was right, then the following questions comes to mind:

Is the stuff really gone then? It is rather a technical question, I know. But I have a hard time believing that minecraft in its code has a "oh, it is that far beyond Bedrock, lets just delete this entity from the server".

I'd be actually afraid it will turn into "garbage" hogging up memory and at some time possibily CPU time.


But I might be completely wrong.

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Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated.

So the only question remaining is, how much health an item has which will determine how long it will be in the void....and if a combination of this and the amount of entities of a certain (high) health may cause issues on the server.

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Read it again: mobs take damage but items disappear instantly (take full damage in one tick) at y=-63

So if you really want to go the math way go with:

  • how fast the items will fall 64 blocks (from y=0 to y=-63)
  • how fast you will drop them to the void (dropper?)
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