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This thread is about Pirating, or to be more specific, good Pirate Genre Video-games. I want to know if any of you have played (or know of) any decent Pirate-y type games that came out in the last decade. USA was having a "Pirates of the Carribean" Marathon this weekend, and now I want to swash buckles, rob cities, and violate livestock. I know of 2 good pirate games, but I'm sure there have been more decent games besides Uncharted Waters, and Sid Meier's Pirates. So I come to this bastion of knowledge in the hopes that one of you guys can help me and point me on my way.

Because I'm lazy.

Also, because I google "Pirate Games for PC" and keep getting sent to dodgy torrent trackers.

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Space Pirates And Zombies

X3 doesn't deliver on the zombies, but MY GOD does it deliver on the pirates.

Best space sim to date.

But DAYM is it hard being a pirate. Threatening most ships just makes them go 'lol', and keep flying. So I come back in my M7 cruiser.

[img width=800]http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg7/scaled.php?server=7&filename=tiger02.jpg&res=landing

I said drop your damn cargo.

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X3 kinda bored me. I preferred the Discovery mod of Freelancer for a long time (until they forced their bizarre equipment rules into the singleplayer game) there are still a few fun mods for freelancer out there. /v/lancer is fun if you can get it to work, and don't mind that you'd be playing something made by people from /b/ pretending to be people from /v/ acting like people from /b/

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