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ShowCaseStandalone - Dupe Bug with Tekkit

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In this plugin you can buy or sell items and show them to other players in a very nice way. The Item you want to sell or buy will be displayed over a block you selected, and other players can see and interact with it.

Problem is, there is a major dupe bug:

Showcase items can be sucked in a chest infinite number of times by obsidian pipe or filter. The filter faces the object floating above the showcase.

The plugin author told me to contact the mod devs/ mod porters.

He said they can call isShowCaseItem(item) to find out if an item is a showcase displayed item before sucking it in.

Now I am wondering if of those porting the mods would do that or how to contact them if you think they would.

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The thing is, any shop plugin which displays the item floating above the block will have this dupe glitch.

I also don't want to use ChestShop or anything like that, as you can't actually see the item and you have to read it off the sign, often not knowing what item is actually being sold.

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