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How to fill largest map easily?


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You want to automate map exploration? I think you need to do it manually.

A Resonant Jetpack is fastest for doing that. I have found that the Haste Enchantment (on boots) from Thaumcraft works to accelerate not only running, but also Jetpack flight. Unfortunately, this is not in Tekkit. That Potion of Swiftness may actually help, though.


Not sure if a fully-upgraded Powersuit is actually faster. I stopped using them long ago because of the bugs.

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enderium energy cell in inventory is preferred, but any other will work, too.


If you have the Materials, you can use the force-fields to protect yourself, this will drain energy when hit, but offers the same protection as diamond plates with no additional weight.

jetpack (tinkered to full)

flight control (tinkered to 0 to get a creative like flight)

and theres something in the pants that gets you additional runspeed ;)


don't forget the cooling system if you plan a trip to the nether, as your system doesn't cool down automatically there...

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1.6.4 -> 1.7.10? They don't. New world.


If you want to update a Minecraft instance with only one mod (Applied Energistics) you need to:


How this works.

  1. Download appeng-rv14-upgrade.jar from this repo, this is a special build of AE1 that adds names to the item in the world data.
  2. Back up your world.
  3. Replace your current rv14/rv13 mod with the rv14 upgrade.jar, then open and save your world.
  4. Setup your 1.7 instance and install a bulid of AE Upgrade, and AE2
  5. Move your world from your 1.6 to you 1.7 instance.
  6. Launch your world, and disassemble or/and enjoy your converted items.

Please note, you must load your AE1 world on 1.6 with the special build without this step your AE1 items will not pair up with AE Upgrades Names and will simply vanish.


This is an example where the mod author actually made an upgrade-mod. Now imagine all tekkit mods. Only vanilla stuff will survive. In 1.7.10 there are no IDs. Now it's "minecraft:stone" or "buildcraft:quarry".

Every item from a mod you run in 1.6.4 that makes this line in FML log

net.minecraft.item.ItemBlock with ID 200 owned by mod Mystcraft, this item will NOT survive a 1.7 upgrade!

Will vanish in 1.7.10 and the rest... IDK how will the new Forge react for a item with an ID instead of the new name? I know one thing. If Forge doesn't recognize something, it ignores it.


I'm really off topic here so I'm gonna just write something in the right direction..... Map.

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