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i(amalgum12) and my friend matt(124mm10) are looking for a small whitelist server availiable 24/7. if possable we would like some degree of authority, though we are willing to settle with being plane old players if we cannot be higher ranked.

[table][tr][td]ign amalgum12/124mm10

[table][tr][td]tekkit experience: amalgum12, much experience, 124mmn10, he is just my mule, he listens pretty well most of the time, but im willing to beat his ass irl if he doesnt

[table][tr][td]why:we need a server to set up camp in for our online clan.[/td]

[/tr][/table]we are not willing to take crap from any other players however, so if you would like some good dedicated workers/ops in your server please PM ME, with the ip server name and weather or not it is hamachi.


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So... basically you're looking for a server where you get to abuse authority without earning authority?


Do you really think that someone is going to let you on their server, let alone give you some kind of authority, with a post like this?

and ^that

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Listen analgum, you go to the servers, not the other way around. Nobody is going to ask you to join their server, especially with this terrible post 'advertising' you and your friend/mule. Check out the server list here (I'm such a nice guy) and see if any of them will put up with you.

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