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  1. Physics joke? ... dont hear enough of those.
  2. If at first you dont succeed, Give it to jeb
  3. thats not what they are saying Shaun your missing it, I will be trying to add it because i like the flying bases idea with Planes but the mod itself does nothing for the game only adds new stuff. like IC adds a ton to do not just new stuff. Flans only adds fluff And it should work but modloader isnt in Technic tekkit anymore so it may not work
  4. I am looking to add Flans mod to my Tekkit server. but i need to change the Load order What file is read for load order?
  5. go in to your Programs and Features (add remove programs) Delete All Java then Re-download and install 32 bit then 64 bit its likely that its defaulting to the 32bit java
  6. I am having a Similar issue Launcher 1.23 Hack slash mine Win 7 ult 64 Java 7 64bit will load the menu but goes white after loading world.
  7. Ok first off How much memory do you have? Second you REALLLY need to know what your doing when you do this stuff. not because of risk or harm. but your asking a question that answers its self. "java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame" Find out how much ram you have and set it to 2 - 4gb or 1/2 what ever is lower 512 will NOT run technic NO WAY the base vanilla maybe. set Xmx and Xms both to 1024 at the very least. preferable at 2048M or 2G. if i seem short its just that no one seems to read or bother to look in to simple things before asking and making others fix the issues. This being one that would have been very obvious if you had seen other post mentioning 512 is not enough. Yes as it starts with 512 and it will grow to 1024 the more precise you try to be the more problems that can arise just dump 2 - 4 Gigs on it and play. :)
  8. Re: JAVA ERROR FIX (Read!) First thing i would do instead of some long winded Check for java. Uninstall your Java then redownload java. Why? Becasue downloading several Versions can confuse the system with System Links that are incorrect. Computers are High Speed Idiots. uninstall, Reinstall. If there is still a problem address how you are launching The Program is it via a Shortcut or The launcher or maybe the .jar it's self.
  9. There are good and bad things that come from youtube unfortunately while Darwin had his day we have developed technology to stop protect his theories... one wonders without technology and youtube would he be more accurate?
  10. I am playing around with Video Editing software I have a number of uses and may in fact buy Professional grade software.
  11. Error you failed to report the most important thing... your OS Check your Java And your OS
  12. fart (this post was broken so I replaced it with a fart)
  13. i have a request in with one pack maker who made my fave pack i am going to see if they would be willing to do more textures but i am paying for their work
  14. I know English isnt your first language. BUT, this is a thread where some one demanded it get done and he got ban for being insensitive about a loss. You proceed to dredge up the question again? another post i could see but SERIOUSLY... I got a magic trick for you it involves a dark room a bottle of vodka and Cheep shot... ITS AMAZING...
  15. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [v6.0.7 and down] [thaumcraft changed] i really must say it is an Excellent pack x128 looks smooth crisp clean. well done
  16. Re: Is Technic Launcher Lost? leson to be learned IE IS the red headed step child of browsers dont use it
  17. Mine is In full testing. First off, For some odd reason changing the Ram allocation seems to really mess it up. Is it possible that a 0 is dropping off some where in the allocation? As for my "fix"(more of a work-around) I have found make sure you have the right java version. I am running 6-Jre 64bit (download it with IE in 64bit Firefox isn't 64 bit not sure about chrome) This is reiterated a thousand times all over in just about every fix. Currently try allocating memory at 1gb in the launcher, That is all I can confirm on my end that is working on my machine. Anti-virus software seems to have issues Mal-ware bytes anti Mal-ware seems fine though. I have found a few bad news processes, Processes that seem to directly affect playability. Ill have a list I will Update on this thread. when I confirm it causes issues. (anyone else Can PM me and I will try and see if I can replicate the results) JAVA 64-bit seems to be a big part of the issue Also on 32-bit versions. dont set Memory over 2gb (obviously a 32-bit cant handle over 4 gb as it is) looking at other causes. with your specs You want to include your version of Java. Processes under review Confirmed Conflicted Processes [email protected] (folding @ home service) [email protected]_15.exe*32
  18. I'd love to. I had lag and resolved it so i am playing around and Isolating it on my own as is. Specs on my machine FX8150 8 core AMD. 16GB Ram SLI 570 HD's Programming and IT Background A+ Net+, win 7 Ultimate / Home Premium (laptop) Might want to look at having an Intel guy as i currently have no Intel stuff laptop is ati
  19. I was able to fix my lag.. I ran Folding at home and a few other things As well if you move it off of 1gb of ram its like its droping a zero so 8gb turns to 800mb So run 1gb second *Check your BG apps Shift+Ctrl+Esc for task manager look at your processes if its 50+ processes Chances are thats your problem I am trying to isolate myself so i can tell what to avoid when I am recording fraps has its own part a little but on its own its fine. Can anyone confirm the memory allocation isn't set right?
  20. i had something similar I would connect then quit (fixing an issue) and it would flash the connecting to minecraft.net Kaker Argelian(sp?) Can you look at if the Minecraft.net connect is terminating correctly? What I have found is input the wrong Password once or twice then use the correct password. For me I was able to connect my guess is that there is a "stale" connection with your username.
  21. Laeryc

    Dear Admins

    Epic .... Note: I got Owned ... Hard.... Well played (Just saw the change in message...) 10/10 I laughed.
  22. Laeryc

    Dear Admins

    I find my self craving the deep penetration that stems from dongs, big dildos, and general sexual products. I must officially post my gratitude for filling the void in my butt where i can fit new dongs and watch strapping muscular men get stuffed. Signed- your dearest cutsey-wutsey Snuggle Fluffer Laeryc
  23. An Md5 file is a key for transmitting data securely. if you have a mismatch simplest thing is to reboot the computer. this SHOULD kill the connection between you and the server and after 5 mins or so try and reconnect. if this doesnt work do a search of your computer for *.md5 and clear it out. This will force the connection to renegotiate a connection key. Note this is mincraft.net so it does get alot of hits it could be very busy and just have confused your md5 key in which its best to wait till traffic is a bit lower. I have no idea what notch hosts his site on.
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